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Happy Birthday: KING OJ IS 2!

Happy Birthday son, OVIE, DO! son, there are tears in my eyes as i write you these words for i know that you do not know that life waits with tricks, for he knows that you do not yet know… that he who must run swiftly must first learn to brave distances on  blistered knees and he who must be heard above earth noise must first master the coo coos and da das that the straight road is often more bent than the one snaking through the forest and those who walk along the river may be thirstier than the traveller in the dessert that glowing smiles which last too long may be make-up applied to conceal snarls and a handshake that travels beyond the shoulder is a planned attack that people who laugh with you will laugh at you when you turn your back and friends will scratch your back with razors when you complain of an itch… do not worry son i too did not know when i first saw the light so, do not worry for i will tea