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Mozambican Emmanuel Sithole was walking down a street  when four South Africans attacked him.  He died after the attack I have a message, It’s fueling my rage! How many should I kill To show how I really feel? … Osama had a thought: For it he died – he fought; He killed 9 thousand elevens, Passing a message from heaven. ‘The Invisible Sheik’ built I-sees; Men (rams) die in the cry-seas, Our necks slit, bones broken.  al-Baghdadi has spoken! You know Joseph Kony? A bloody man, wild, cunny . Hail, Lord’s Resistance Army !!! Is the Bible-message so stormy!? kaBhekuzulu had foolish words For his lazy, murdering wards: My brothers died like dogs, Ashened like spent logs! … So, to show you how I feel, I need some souls to kill! In the fields of my rage I’ll bleed a message!

King Zwelithini's BLOODY FART

when a king farts with his mouth like kaBhekuzulu - a man uncouth, Trouble truncates his sleeping time to merge Life and Death into a rhyme. when Royal lips part empty of wisdom Goodwill is exiled from the kingdom! men bleed on Zwelithini's folly-slab a king walks sideways like a crab!


if thoughts were written on faces how ugly some people would be! if eyes could invade mind spaces would there still be ‘you and me’?

WHY DOES LOVE STEAL OUR TONGUES (a true story in verse)

he was a little boy reaching for manhood she, little girl arching for womanhood his was mixed tale of tears and hope hers, a life upwards Life’s slope two stories crossed, one scene, one act pretty lass, scrawny lad lacking tact him a sapling uprooted, replanted her the rose everyone wanted her heart was loud, but lips were mute while he was lost in voiceless youth tho’ Cupid’s bow a shot released time wept for two lips deceased a week, a month… wore out Time’s  soles a glance, a smile, two whispering souls and still no telling word was risked until away the lad was whisked she grieved, he mourned but time heals all … one decade plus, the lad stands tall once little lass, now jeweled queen: a wife serving her king’s whim two stories crossed, same scene, same act a bejeweled queen, fine man with tact he an oak, deep-rooted. she wanted but silver ring on a finger taunted why does love steal our tongues?!


take is slow learn from Joe! choose your miss with wise pleas not your penis wed your Mrs with bent knees not your pennies learn from Joe! take is slow


“Ig 1+ Yo 2 + Ha 4 — P D P 0 (+A P C 1 ) = N e W 9 ja” Jega dusted the crucible placed it on the Inec ’s table “let us sample 9ja’s medullas!” he threw in tattered umbrellas brooms entered the mix “tick-tock” , time ticks “pour all into the mortar” people added Holy Water as Jega pounded with PVC Twitter turned a stormy sea: OMOjuwa and OMOkri efribodi n sare kiri! Jega first said  ‘FeBUHARI 14 x 2 =  March 28. Orisirisi! “continuity!” , many screamed “change!” many more dreamed as Amaechi dodged bullets mama Peace fed gullets Nyamiri, Ngbati and Gambari all thumbed their marks for Buhari young, aged, (cows and underaged?) from Sokoto to Osun, the thumbs raged Lagos quaked and Rivers rumbled but the umbrella still crumbled! mad Oru , for Joe, did bebe but Jega drooled white kelebe.. the General penned victory piece as uncle Jona whimpered in peace ah, this Wa-Zo-Bia reaction! birth of one-ho