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@BrainyPoet: Who Will Suckle Nigeria's Fat Nipple? Nigeria is now a silent cradle Placed in a growing puddle As our endless tears fall From tired eyeballs Nigeria is only a deserted playground Where pretty butterflies fly around Looking through open gates In search of playmates Ordinarily we would have parades and celebrations. But today we mourn the few of us that have tears left in our eyes will let out a little more while the rest will make do with sights and sniffings. As a person with sisters, hoping to have daughters, and indeed children, someday, I find it very painful to think about the ordeal of the almost 300 abducted Chibok girls. Nigeria is the wedding feast With grooms and a priest.. My eyes scan the scene No brides are seen!


Like always I'm awake at this 3rd hour wondering why Mr. Death has so much power it took from us our dear Father Jungers for whose words our communal soul hungers ... I have tears in my eyes As I look into the silent skies Maybe Fr. Al is there, smiling down And wondering why I have a teary frown ... Oh! We miss our Fr. Al So, honour him, we shall He was the teacher and friend Who did our tattered skills mend Fr. Albert Jungers who died on May 27, 2013 of a heart attack was a dear father to all of us in the WRRPoetry family and an extra brilliant poet who was very patient and very much accessible. More than a few of us have had our writing live affected by this great man. READ ABOUT #AJPP 2014 HERE...

#BringBackOurGirls: IS SHE GONE FOREVER?

@BrainyPoet: #BRINGBackOURGirls Is She Gone Forever? I bore her in my womb Have I lost my baby to the tomb? I fed her with my breasts Can my baby escape the Boko nests? I carried her on my back Will I ever have my baby back? She went in search of knowledge Within the walls of Chibok college Her only crime was her dare to dream Judged. Guilty! By beasts of Boko team! She wanted to be a doctor Now she faces a AK47 instructor She wanted to inspire change Today she weeps in firing range She wanted to roam the earth Alas, she gives terrorist mirth! Who will bring back my girl? She is my one and only pearl! I saw the picture above today. It was posted by @KathleenNdongmo on Twitter with the caption: "This heartbroken mother shows the picture of the daughter she aches to see. We MUST not relent. #BringBackOurGirls" Looking at it, tears rolled down my cheeks. It is unfortunate that we live in a nation where almost 30


VIVA ARSENAL! From 2005 FA Cup to 2014 FA Cup... a long worthy wait. 9 years like 9 decades we lost our aces or spades little vermin shook at us their butts we were 'ex-Champions' with many 'buts'! Wenger became has-been our fame rotted in history bin 4th place a most coveted trophy stingy Arsene shunned spending spree! We sold our guns yes, the very best ones Fabri, Nasri, Persi, Song. .. Ah, everything was so, so wrong! But hope remained though we were pained we lost all to Chelshit boys and endured Mournchester noise! Now we have   Kos ,  O-zeal... Ramsey placed the cannon seal see! Our dead guns are firing again! let us bathe Wenger with Champagne!

VIDEO #BringBackOurGirls: Boko Haram Has 'Converted Abducted Girls To Muslims'

this man is deluded among fools, he's included may Almighty Allah curse him forever for he's a servant of the damned Deceiver


At night thieves stole our pretty ones! Faceless cowards with spitting guns ... Government is looking, parents weeping Army is shooting, the people hoping Young girls groan in Sambisa den Locked by beasts in goat pens Lost in ignorance they steal our women And - proudly, they claim to be men Now, seeking knowledge is a taboo To the wise they give a boo(m)! Come buy a wife, it'll cost you nothing He who finds a wife finds a good thing Virgins on sale! Interested? Hurry! I wait for you in dusty Maiduguri! It's almost three weeks now and each day that passes chips at our hope, as we pray that our young girls kidnapped from Government Girls Secondary School, Chibok, Borno state are found. Many people have lost faith in the government- our leaders, but for a few, seem to be unperturbed and our security forces seem to be perplexed. Now, the abductors have threatened to sell the girls, young innocent teenagers, sold into marriage or slav