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@BrainyPoet: Chamber Of Rapture none asks the seed's will before sowing-internment yet, after the tilling wheel 'tis doomed to grave tent under granular blanket of humus and moisture there, the seed's casket turns chamber of rapture the rot of a buried seed is unto death - we reason but Death must Life cede ...a gangly stalk is risen!


we are mere chickens in these killers' kitchens yes, we are mere rams, goats slaughtered with religious oaths ... our nation is in chains looted for personal gains hungry, we all go scavenging to meet deaths none is avenging ... today its eighty yesterday seventy tomorrow is a hundred every day with its dread


Dear Nigerians, It is with a heavy heart that I write this letter to you all, even as I read the news that 'our' delegates Confab Delegate are either sleeping or playing scrabble at a conference meat to map our future. lets play a game of scrabble we have enough money, lets gamble the nation can die! who cares? abeg, lets sleep and play my dears! This is made more painful because their presence at the conference is paid for, it is not a service rendered out of patriotism. I am sure most of us will be willing to collect only 5% of what they are being paid to sit in that conference hall and liste, or sleep and play scrabble. Yes, there may or may not be a good motive behind calling for the conference - only God and the convener Uncle Jona can tell us about that. But will we continue to watch the mockery of our collective intellects by aged people who might end up dying even before the report of the confab is typed?


"thou shalt not kill!" but we kill on still News of killings have become commonplace in Nigeria. We have learnt to shrug and shake our heads each time we hear of another killing somewhere. The Nigerian army has its hands full, tackling insurgency, in the Northern parts of or nation while the police and other security agencies battle with criminals and the likes. We just recently saw the 'House Of Horror' saga in Ibadan where human beings were treated worse than cows in an abattoir while the Fulani vs Herdsmen violence, and others, seem to have no end. In all these, humans lose their lives, in gruesome manner, to the whims of other fellow humans. So I give you this poem  –a question, as a message to us all: LIFE, KNIFE Each life is a knife Each blade cuts if swayed Cut – throats or harvest – oats You live with what motive? We are all knives in the hands of life – it is our choice to cut throats like a killer or harvest oats like a f


fires of greed opium of religion blades of revenge siblings at war Sectarian violence is a reoccurring decimal in human history and Nigeria has had its own share of such. Just a day ago, we heard the news that Katsina Students Burnt Churches Over Exam Questions, and this is what prompted me to share this poem from my book 'What Can Words Do?' YOU FIGHT FOR GOD? Because a man’s not of your creed, You strike him down without remorse, And there you stand to watch him bleed, His eyes pleading in muted Morse! Is there a cross across his face? Or in his eyes the crescent-star? Is he a demon by his race – Be his skin white or dark as tar? You say you fight for G(g)od – I sigh. For in the forges of your wrath Your metal conscience knows you lie, Because great evils you have wrought!