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you did the waist dance you the pot, he the lance Imagine this... Girls: a guy gets you pregnant and your parent say he must marry you, despite the fact that he has expressly said he doesn't want to marry you, especially after the pregnancy saga. In fact, the bastard was quite emphatic about 'flushing the thing' out. Perhaps he even threatened to kill you. Guy: you impregnate a girl you never had plans to marry and now you are being forced to marry her. You do not want 'to have and to hold'. The reasons are best known to you but the family is prepared to put you in Kiri Kiri to make you an in-law.  What will you do? I'm sure some people will by wondering if I have planted fertile seeds in someone's farm without first paying for the land. Anyway sha, I neva even get babe sef... ecstasy in the arms of carelessness careless seeding - hearts are restless Anyway, this came up while I was chatting with a noise-maker Facebook


Dying In Nigeria's Parasitic Economy there’s poison in Nigeria’s air because of that I live in fear My name is Kukogho Iruesiri Samson. I have lived in every region of my country. I am a Nigerian. I am dying and I am afraid.  Yes, I am afraid, not because I don’t want to die, but because I am just 1 amongst the millions dying, slowly, beyond redemption... or so it seems. Don’t laugh; just be afraid too, like me, because you are dying too. Yes you are!  Well,  I have a confession – let’s forget about dying for now – I also have a phobia; I am dead scared of walking the streets of my country unless in company of other persons. Because of this phobia I am fond of taking motorcycles rides or boarding vehicles for the shortest distances, which is if I have to leave my house or work place. Most times, if I am not at work or at church, I just stay cooped in my house. Well, the reason for my phobia is not a mystery; I am afraid of faces, Nigerians' faces


why use your fist when you can walk away why be the beast when you can go your away surgeon of blows does her face give you peace? wind of time blows you'll have your karma piece!


Miss. Agbarakwe with a copy of 'What Can Words Do?' Wow! After collecting my own copy of 'What can words do?' by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson... The book is philosophical and interesting. I enjoy every page of the book and every part of the poems there-in. They were thought out and well written in a melodious libretto. I love the way he put his words, his idea banks... Well, thoughts are things - very real and very powerful things at that. Our thoughts of creative written words, success in a worth while endeavour are things... I mean real things. Our ideas do manifest themselves. What we are experiencing in life (whether we judge it to be good or bad) is related to our present and past thinking pattern but ideas put into action create our reality. We are the directors of events and conditions that takes place in our experience. Unlike the little kernel that one day will be a huge tree, our fates are not predestined.


sanusi is now the saint without a single taint but dollar yet rapes naira poverty wears mascara but people speak as if he captures every thief and Jona is the master of every corrupt matter of course he played his part and won some people's heart but sure he did some things behind CBN's curtains

I’M BUYING A WIFE (excerpts)

Upcoming actress Stephanie Chijioke and her hubby I knew her, before she had breasts the time her bras were tattered vests yes, I knew her, before these curved hips before she knew why women paint their lips ... agbalumo became ripe oranges my eager eyes stalked the changes now I come carrying goats, yams, wine confident lips muttering the ‘May I’ line ... looking at my suit, you name a price my mother swallows, she blinks twice my uncle coughed, your daughter gasps left in shock, my sweating palms unclasp


Is It Allowed To Punch A 'Critic' in The Eye? tailor instructs carpenter cobbler teaches painter sailors mocks the pilot ah! what a foolish lot! What would you do if as a tailor, you make a dress and a blind musician walks by, admires it and says: "this is a good work, but it is barren of elements of a dress. Perhaps you should just turn it into an apron or make an actual dress out of it". This is exactly the case with some so called 'critics' and I met two such yesterday. Everyone with a Facebook account and access to internet becomes  Lord of Literature and it it not only laughable but annoying, especially when such people have no inkling of what they are yapping about. Yes, a good writer must be willing to take punches from the audience to be able to improve. He or she must buckle up after each jab, with the determination to improve. Yes, that is granted. But, are writers fools? Barring grammatical inconsistencies and fact misplacement, wh


today is Valentine get yourself some fun share the 'I love U' line be true... 'tis no time for con A lot will be done and said all in the name of love, in the name of St. Valentine today. But whatever you do, don't do any of these four things. Never! 1.  Dont give Jumoke's gift to Cynthia or John's gift to Abdul. Staying with one lover is the best at any time. But for the players, try not to wrap the wrong gifts in the wrong boxes. To send a gift meant for Jack to John or Tina to Nkechi may result in a double loss, or worse. 2. Don't borrow to impress. Yes, you will want to impress that girl or that guy. But please, stay within your means. For example, no one says you must spend your savings on an expensive dinner or gadget that can ill-afford. Stick by a budget - being a cheapskate doesn't cut it either though.  3.  Don't play pranks on your lover. We often make jokes with and play pranks on our loved ones. But


She is not perfect But her eyes stole the colours of rainbow They lights up my skies on happy days Parabolic beauty beyond compare She is not perfect But the melody of her voice Calms the taut nerves of my heart And sings my soul to sleep She is not perfect But her lips are softer than butter And firm is the roundness Of the swells on her chest She is not perfect Yet, I would not trade her For angels that walk on land Or mermaids from sea deeps


there was a curly beard that lived on friendly chin the clipper trip he feared sent him to barber-bin from bin to fiery flames our curly Hairy went bald Chin and head trade blames I laugh at their lament!


Your soil was fertile - never ploughed and you leased it to to vagrant farmer Ah! He gave no promise, yet you allowed him wield turgid hoe - wearing no armor! Lazy farmer planted in jerky eagerness not waiting to clear your weedy ground With the seeding came a gentle cloying and fertile plain turned concave mound ~ from THE SOIL AND THE FARMER (inspired by Okwy Obu's post )


Sango and I dipped starch in Oghwevwri The night they sang of Omotughele's beauty On that day, my Ugboma parted with Erhi Ovigueraye! Finding 'Motughele was my duty ... I bear a penis but I'm no ordinary man I do not squeeze my juice into every bowl Ask, many hearts litter my trail. Woman Say my name, the wind, will birth no howl I've pleased the nipples of many kegs Feel my hairy jaw, I am no little child Tougher bristles rest between my legs And many a laps will say they are mild