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When I started WRRPoetry in July 2012, it was not because I thought I had arrived as a poet, it was because I realised that young Nigerian poets, like me, had been chained down in the shadow of our poetry fathers like the great Prof. Wole Soyinka, JP Clark, Gabriel Okara, Christopher Okigbo, John-Pepper Clark Prof. Remi Raj and many others... It is unfair that most literary prizes focus on prose, as though we are not a poetry nation. Thank God for people like Sir Eriata and his Eriata Oribabhor Poetry Prize, the 3rd edition of which will be coming up in February. I could, without being deliberately proud, that a few of us have been able to walk a little bit into the sunshine of poetry with the help of those we met in the game. Like me, some have published but we still have many young talents that we need to help grow. I could mention a few like James Ademuyiwa Jamesconco, Adaku Agbarakwe, Samuel Leumas, James T. Abel Adesitimi, Adeyemi Adesiyan, and many others. However, we


sinless folks cast the stones ..death throes, pleading tone one breath returns to God  the earth drinks in more blood I took this picture off the internet. It was allegedly a lynching scene in Bachi. Guess who the victim was... a #gay man. I dont know how true this is but this is animalistic killing of a human by 'humans'. God help us.


Image [I Ordered A Ring For Valentine] I ordered a ring for Valentine To cuff a finger I thought was mine Waiting – I rehearsed that ‘Will You’ line Never knew I was stomping on Hitler’s mine I chose the ring with eagerness An adorned band for her highness Her smile (so scarce!) was my weakness Fool, I was – playing ‘scratch’ with a lioness! St. Valentine is crawling near I stifle a sob and abort another tear... A line, for the delivery man, I must prepare: “Yes, I ordered it, but the finger is no more here” I passed by her yesterday She flung not a glance my way ... I wonder if I’ll tell her someday “I ordered a ring for Valentine’s Day!”


One time I knew a crystal gazer Who had a sight as sharp as laser; One look into his crystal ball, And sure he’ll say what will befall The one that put him to the task Leaving no question left to ask. And true were all his prognosis; Of birth, death and wilting roses. This gazer’s heart was sorrow’s prey And sadness grew in him each day; For though the earth’s nooks he had trod No woman’s love had heat his blood. And when for love he tried to gaze He saw naught but a misty haze With just a sparkling dot within, Beyond which nothing had he seen. One day while thinking all alone, In walked a dame with eyes that shone. “Good day, great Sire,” she said to him, Waking him from his daylight dream. Her voice sounded so sweet and far That all he did was gaze at her. “O gaze for me good sire,” she said. Yet on her face his eyeballs stayed After a while he took his ball And wiped it clean for it was dull. So gaze and gaze and gaze did he And wait and wait and

CLOVEN (a love pun)

shared 'His'. flashed thighs. false ties. heart tries. false dice. heart price. cold eyes. heart sighs. cold lies. heart cries. cleaving 'Whys'. hearts advice. cleaving ice. heart's demise. now, wise? clear skies? *His (this refers to plural of 'hi' as used in 'hi' and 'hello')


I once was Love's foolish vagabond Fool, I looked for a clean diamond In large field of coloured pebbles I turned mountains into rubble Got nothing for my troubles!


must a death come before a birth? must a swallow come only after shitting? must the penis not pee since the heart is not yet done with it's routine beating? must cubs await the lion’s death? must chicks await the  hen’s passing? must kids count the billy’s breath? roar, cluck or bleat... I'm asking must wind await his tornado father must branches await the sturdy trunk must pebbles await the ancient boulder blow, shake or roll... you drunk? did Soyinka wait for Achebe passing? should Clark have aborted his Abiku? Chimamanda is winning, is Okri dissing? now, will you leave this son of Ku?


There are enemies everywhere Time and again, they tune their ears What do they want to hear? It is not every day that a hawk or eagle gets the opportunity of dropping something from its anus on the head of crippled hens. This might be as a result of many things. First, it may be that there are very few crippled hens. Secondly, it may not deign to fly low enough to be able to notice crippled hens. Again, it may not even consider such crippled hens worth its droppings. Lastly, it may be because most crippled hens would rather not dare the eagle or hawk. Unfortunately, today,  yours truly, who in his egoistic-Capricorn-nature, wants to claim eagle status, would like to drop something on some crippled hens – crap , that is what is to be dropped, but I would rather drop words lest my faeces be contaminated. When the EGC nominations were being made, I heard of it only from one person. I never participated in it and actually stumbled upon the final list on somebody’s wall only to


You were raised on lemons, For Life's malicious demons Would not let oranges grow: Killed Papa's plants, every row! Your mother made lemonade: The best that can ever be made. Ah, your teeth can remind you, And your patient tongue too. Now, Life comes to you courting, Basket of fruits she is totting. Will you receive that familiar fruit? Walk again, your father's route?


Life teaches us lessons In its events, it hides blessings Whippings, teasings and vexings Even as a known advocate for women rights and equality of the sexes, I must confess that several times, I've had reason to complain about my girlfriend's behaviour...and even acted stupidly. I say she has no respect for me, I say she is too independent, I say she doesn’t do much domestic-wise, I say she should be more apologetic... and bla bla bla. Before her, I have had others and I have had complaints too. Now, this is not just about me, it is about every one of us, male and female, married and single. We have all contemplated or actually went ahead to hurt or leave those we love. But, before we take our partners for granted, and lose what we will never find elsewhere, we all need to reassess the situation and think: "Is my partner really as bad as he/she seems to me? Is there anything I can overlook? Are there things I can correct rather than fight?" Now, you m

ENTER 2014

The New Year’s come, lets shout “Hurrah!” If you’re alive, Victor you are... Some wept over the crossing line Many, still bound by last year’s twine They bear its scars and festering sores Into Twenty-Fourteen’s doors … Twenty-thirteen is dead Log turned coals, no more red Time's wind blows the ashes away This, is the awaited dawn of a New Day Twenty-fourteen offers seeds Doubts, fears...are mere weeds Now is no time to look back and stop Move! Drink not from the doubt-filled cup