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A real Nigerian must hate every idea Strive hard to kill them as they are born He must hunt the idea-intiator like wild deer Rubish him, and gift him with mountainious scorn CAVEAT: All what I will say here are sujective opinions that may be very, very, very wrong - but in my shallow mind, they are more than true, nearly Gospel. So pardon me, and counter me - or hunt me and prove me right. You might be wondering about the title. Perhaps you have even gone to meet Mike Tyson to give you some tips that you can use on me, to teach me a lesson for such an unholy submission about Nigerians, about you. What you do not know is that I have my reasons and I have an AK47 with endless bullets - try me, you go see say even Jet Li dey fear bullet. Well, I started an initiative that is guarateed to transform the Nigerian writing and publishing industry in a manner of months if we all embrace it and do our parts. @AUTHORPEDIA is set to be the number 1 resource blog about Nigerian writ

KIS AND FATIGUE (a doggerel)

Good morning, bad night... I and Fatigue got into a fight I wanted to iron, do some tasks As I ironed, Fatigue opened his casks Inside which was fermented sleep poison I must have sipped a little - landed in a prison Prison of snores, while laptop played Adele songs Minutes later, my eyes opened to loud morning gongs I did finish my ironing, I did put off the iron Fatigue the fool Knocked me out at the ironing table. Please, tell me, is that cool?


What Is Love? Love is the poisoned jar of water Sitting in the dessert, under a palm As thirst makes the dying traveler stutter He willingly drinks...and waits for the calm I dont know if I have ever truly loved or if I actually know what love means. I can also bet that 90% of those actually reading this are wearing those same shoes of confusion - finding something and thinking they are in love until the shines rubbs off and they are left with coated iron. Many of us would claim to have 'loved', or should I say lusted? If asked to define it, they would say love is kind, love is not selfish, love forgives, it overlooks, its bla bla bla... If that is love, then how many of us can truly say we love? It means then that only 5% of the world love. How many men cheat on their wives/girlfriends and vice versa? How many people forgive and act in total sacrifice fr their partners? How many people will willingly die for their lover? How many will forgive infidelity, disres


A man of the pen is gone To the land of the ancestors Sound the gongs, fire the guns Life's play has lost one more actor!