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So you say He hung on the tree That I might be set free But I was never shackled I walk free, speak unheckled The one that is in chains knows not Still a slave, though his freedom’s bought So you say He willingly bled That I might not to hell be led Was it I that paved the path to hell Or designed its flaming cells? Before all is Life and Death to choose Chose Hell and Heaven you loose So you say He bore my sins Enough! You paint such torrid scenes But He died thousands of years ago Yet, this death, you link me to His blameless blood was spilt that the lost Be redeemed. He alone could pay the cost Ah, did He die for me on that cross Did He bleed to save me, save us From unseen fetters of Sin Tethers that eyes have not seen? He that has ears let him hear For the day of reckoning is near


I am the coconut  Dangling up above your head Pluck me if you want my nut The easy mango is up ahead I am the coconut My tough husk covers tougher shell Mere wistful sighs will come to naught To reach my juice you must know hell I am the coconut Though his shell be not as silk The toughness of the nut is just a veil Inside, he’s just milk


The history books will remember this noble fight. They will weave a stirring tale of stout hearts And tell of loud voices that dared to be harts When bastard bullets ruled both day and night. Shall we not tell our children's children this tale; Of how the Collar and the Turban did walk in pair. And the Collar said to the Turban, "Do not despair For together we shall occupy our land and prevail." Did not the Black dogs bite, and the bullets sting, While their errant whips kissed our naked hides Seeking to break the union of our married prides? Yet we spoke till their ears did with our voice ring. And the books shall not forget too, our brothers That fell. May they find rest beyond these borders. *Can we not come together as one and fight this menace of terrorism, religious tolerance and political division? Did we not come together to fight the TERRORISM that was displayed by our poli TRICK cians headed by GEJ during the fuel subsidy saga? Let us act now


I counted my chicks Before they were hatched And freed the finch in hand To chase a flying eagle! What do I tell the world? That my eggs were rotten? That the eagle soared too high? Ah! See my empty hands! I went to farm - without a hoe, Boasting of a tuberous return! See, the spiky tree has ripe fruits; How do I pluck? I brought no stick! When men begin to pound, What song will my mortar sing? Oju lo fi ri, ete re o ba!* Ye!* Call me a fool and hang me! * Oju lo fi ri, ete re o ba! Ye! – Your only see it, but you won’t taste it. * Ye! – A cry of lamentation.


Their empty palms wait a token, Their tear-filled eyes bore, They beg - in voice broken... ... Tell me; why do they clench - These ten fingers of yours, Offended by the stench? Say it; why do they turn - These twin eyes of yours, Restless and full of scorn? Pray tell; why do they close - These twinging ears of yours, Deaf to the beggar's prose? ... Your hands are full of bread; Do you see the ones asking? Hear, their pleas - full of dread!