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Do you hear the birds singing? ...The beat in the waves' lapping Do you hear the humming? ...The rhythm in the leaves' clapping Nature celebrates your birth Happy Birthday sweetheart ... V ain is the enemy's boast; I f they like let them rage, V erily, you'll reach your coast I n you is glory men cant cage E vil ones may come for a fight, N ever will their plots succeed! (Nothing will stop your flight, Enjoy the fruits of your seed.)


I'll be... Hooting night owl Wearing familiar scowl Nursing tear-filled bowl Watching predators prowl ..this Valentine .. I'll see... Nuptial vows broken Hungry phallus woken Pleasure costing token ..this Valentine I'll see... Wife left alone Husband spending loan Heart turning stone ..this Valentine I'll see... Hearts gobbling lies Whispered 'why-oh-whys' Blind bleeding eyes ..this Valentine I'll see... Locked hymen keyed Condom piercing seed Womb losing lid ..this Valentine .. Will I see... Orphan clutching gift Couple mending rift Rigid heart shift Kindness soaring swift ..this Valentine


That is not a smile creasing his fair face; It is only the work of the practiced brush Of a heart, seeking only to maim and crush. Escape, before you're lost in his embrace! His heart knows naught of what his lips birth; The 'I love yous' are nothing but empty words Don’t listen, else they bind you like cords When you cry he'll only look on with mirth! His pencil mark smiles will soon be erased, Then his beauty, like plucked petals, will wilt; Words are covered bowls, oftentimes empty. A cow cares not for the field to be grazed And a hand plucks scented petals without guilt The foolish heart soon sheds tears, aplenty.


She is smiling at me while the pastor prays. Her almond eyes stalk me like a wild feline Tracking a prey. Each time I do my eyes raise She is smiling at me, while the pastor prays! I'm lost in lust. Will I survive these forays? Ah, Temptation offers a fruit I cannot decline! She is smiling at me! While the pastor prays, Her almond eyes stalk me, like a wild feline!

DANNI DAY (for Danni Lewis on her birthday)

Robins whisper "Danni" To the morning breeze And it flies away, rushing Through whistling leaves The waves splash a tune For the fishes to dance And even sharks smile Whispering the Danni tune Snow turns to sweet flakes Tears freeze into dimples Frowns morph into smiles And sighs birth Danni songs This is no juju, its no voodoo That pines bear rosy buds And roses shed their thorns Yes, its Danni's day!