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Are these daughters of Eve flies or bees? They all buzz around this son of Adam. Pollen or rot, what brings them? Please, Are these daughters of Eve flies or bees? Flies bite the rot, bees, petals they tease; So I ask again, knowing not which I am, Are these daughters of Eve? Flies or bees, They all buzz around this son of Adam!


Do you know me because you know my name? It's not me; forget the wealth and the fame But what is in a name - An empty jar Is not same as one filled with coal tar Nor one from which your fingers scoop sweet jam - Its a lying label, not what I am! How many Josephs have unlayered dreams Have you seen a Moses that parted streams? Can a dwarf knock down a towering champ Just because he answers the David stamp? Last night we hanged a thief, his name was Saint! Why would he bear that name and still have taint? They call me Samson, friends, enemies, all; Would Delilah's hand lead me to my fall? [to be read as a song...10 beats per line]


Foolish plastic! The one that keeps my sweated gold Did make me put my trust in you. I knew not that your bloodless heart Would treat me so un-faithfully! The trust I owed my cracked wallet I did entrust to plastic you. So here I stand, seething in rage, My blazing eyes fixed on this screen! Foolish plastic! Is not this my birth given name Engraved upon thy stupid face? And yes, the riches of your vault - Naira and Kobo – all is mine! So why then do I press in vain These quad digits that should ope you? Say, have you not a thousand times Been generous at their command? Foolish plastic! Wallet and pockets both emptied, I’ll seek the one that made you mine, Oh yes, these fists shall carve his face Unless he gives me what you hoard!

SHES AND HIMS (a comic relief)

Our crazy world has turned around The things once up under are found! … In our world of Shes, now Hims, A she would tell a Him, now She; “Fold the clothes, make a stack Tie the baby to your back! Place the pots on the rack Cook something before I'm back! Sit at home, don't go out Else I lash you with my mouth!” And a Him now She would say (While making a pouting face); “Yes madam, I've heard you ma, Why you come dey shout kuma?”

ANGER (a Cinquain)

Anger poisons the heart, without mercy, tears apart; Each one of them that bite of its tart Regret!


Shift my friend, please give me space, Allow me, don’t mind my craze. Have I not climbed o’er the ridge? Am I not here across the bridge? Come my friend, let do a dance For some are dead craved this chance! Yes, some that offered fervent prayers Lay still now in frozen chambers! Only a fool would wake at dawn To sing laments for mistakes done; The past is gone. This still fresh morn Is not a time to be forlorn! 2012 is gone with its pains, And mourning it will bring no gain. Your long dead hope you must awake For 2013’s now the stake! So pick your plough and take the seed, Slash you away at last year’s weed. For this new land has fertile soil; Its fruits it’ll give to all that toil!