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That hole inside Dug by the shovels of the mind... That dark brightness Where the eyes cannot see.. That emptiness, yet filled With fears and wilted hopes... That strangling shadow That stays even in the glare of light... It shall remain Until you wake up and see That holes can be filled And shadows wait to be lightened!


If my pen could sputter bullets How I would riddle your frame With a thousand heated words! If I could ink, now, scalding acid, Would I not drown your greedy throat That your tongue may lie no more? If only could rhyme you death And enjamb your stolen laughter With spells of lingering tears! My pen bears not Merlin's spells Nor my ink the curse of death. Still, I shall curse you to your grave. My words shall steal into your souls And be the worm that eats out The vegetable's life from within. I shall write, verses to make you A blank verse, empty, dark - A shadow that walks the day. I'll rhyme your day into dark night If your lips shall not swallow their lies And your hands, return the stolen dreams.


I can hear my heart creaking In the silence of this place Where, ere this season of muteness, Laughter drowned our cares. I can feel my cheeks burning; The odour pokes my nose, As my tears set ablaze my cheeks. Cheeks, ere now rosy with smiles. I can smell my fawning fears; Knowing that each silent morning, Is a fart, pungent and ripe, Brewing a storm to blow you away. I can feel the formless shadows With these fingers, outsretched. Ere now, they would trace The soft contours of your face.


Stars yet to twinkle!!! I. Leave me be, let my wounded heart bleed. Did not your own eyes see the planted seed, Dug out while yet a sappling in the soil; There goes the reward for the farmers toil. II. What shall we say now to the little one, Tugging teats from whom breath has gone? And what shall we say to the grayed one, Looking in the eyes of a breathless son? III. Say, is he blind that holds the harvest sickle? Why doth he pluck fledgling stars, yet to twinkle? Foolish farmer, hungry; he slaughters little chicks And stuffs apples yet unripe, in his cheeks! IV. How many coins shall we barter for breath? Gold or silver, what shall we give you, Death? If your lips can mouth to us a mortal price Shall we not pay, though you ask us thrice? V. How did we come to this market of death Where unwanted goods are gifted free for all? Even the one that holds an empty wallet Gets 100% discount in each dreadful stall. VI. All are forced to swim in the raging river, Though we


Who shall save him That holds a lighted lamp In his hands And yet lose himself In the open roads? What shall we say to he That thirsts for water While his toes bathe In the teasing waters Of the flowing river? And who shall lead him out That walked into a ditch Thought his spheres Own yet their space In the hollows of his skull? Oh, the foolishness of man; He sets forth at dawn And his hands dig a pit On the path his feet shall ply On his journey home! In the folly of his wisdom, He brews the wine of truth With fermented grape of lies And lays tomorrow's coins On the Devil's gambling table!


Shall creation query the deeds of God? Shall man doubt the truth of his word? Hath he not placed his word above his name? And doth his word not remain ever the same? Shall the sons and daughters of men Have reason to say then: O Lord! Thou art not faithful nor just; Thou art not worthy of our trust? Shall men have cause to boast or grumble And be not broken, and humble? Shall we gather and say to the Lord Thou art not worthy to be God? Saith not the Lord to us That we be above curse That no weapon fashioned nor force Shall prosper nor prevail over us Divided he not before Moses the red sea Did not Israel the fall of Jericho see Raised he not the sick from the bed Arose he not from the dead? And while we were yet sinful He loved us for he is merciful And though we be filthy with sin The blood of his son he have for every being Even, though the heathens rage And seek to put us in sorrow's cage And we flee before the evil horde He'll save us by the power in his word Theref