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Is my greedy heart shackled and sold To growing coins of burnished gold? Now  the sounds of crowded coins Stirs tunes of pleasure in my loins. Is my hope built on wealth that bides Only like the ever changing tides? Is my heart lost to things that be For fleeting moments and then flee? Things formless like air, things with end Earths borders never to transcend. Doth my worry and my toil Seek only the gold that grows in soil? Lord save me from this greed of mine And show me heaven’s boundless mine For long I’ve dropped the sacred baton My buried talent lost and rotten. Make white again my crimson gown That I may wear thy golden crown.


He came at me with rain-bowed lies And spoke to me of sunshine bright, While hiding rain behind the skies. On a path of lies, I took my journey; Alas, far in fields of shade-less space His rain brought me down to my knees Drenched dog shut out of his kennel; I waited for the Devil on this path, To make his pleas his dying knell. So, I sheared Satan's fiery mustache. In my fury, I trimmed his raggedy beards And my words lit his hair, a flaming match. Let not your heart doubt that I did; In the shadows of my wilted dreams, I hid, and there, I did this great deed!


£ 14,000. Breathless numbers, Handicapped as they be, They bore down below, Into the deeps of my heart. £ 14,000. The pounding sound Leaves an itching tinge On the scarred drums Of my ears. £ 14,000. If I could count The waters in the tears, Coursing down my cheeks, Could I own thee? £ 14,000. Damnation in 1, 4 and zeros; A knell for dreams doomed, Ever, in the shaddows to remain, Until the dawn of 14,000 pounds.


I smile, Not because I have walked my mile. I bare my teeth, Not because of ease I have earned my weary feet. I light up my cheeks, Not because of strength Flowing in my limbs, ere now weak. I part my lips Not because of treasure I've earned, mine for keeps. I smile, now, Because still, I breathe And therein lies hope, somehow. ... .. . Smile.


Ajike, eleyinju oge, [Owner of the bewitching eyeballs] Owner of the magic jugs Whose fermented wine Shall make even Sango, eleyinju ina, [Sango, the one with the fiery eyes] Stagger at a sip. I am the hunter: Erin gbo orin mi, o sa wogbo .  [The elephant hears my chant and flees] Let me drink and be drunk Talo le bi mi? [Who can challenge me] Anike , fruited paw-paw, Too slender to climb How shall we Pluck these your fruits That say, "Kami, kami, kami?" [Pluck me, pluck me, pluck me] I, son of Ife, Come to steal your fruits. Did I not pluck the pako in my mouth   [Chewing stick] From the Iroko's crown? You are a wall, Ogiri, ti o lanu fun alangba. [Wall that opens not for the lizard] A thousand grooms Have climbed, All landed, crippled, on this side. I come to scale your wall,  Emi lomo Baba ademu [I am the son of the palm wine tapper] To  gun igi ope pelu okun ogede; [That climbed the palm with banana twines] I fear no fall. You are Agbalumo