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Kiss my lips And let me inside While we are yet clothed In the safety Of this darkened place, For light comes soon. Speak only muted whispers For these walls Have ears That hear thoughts unspoken. And eyes that see Deeds undone. I can not Unclothe my affection Before the eyes of the world For the pleasure Of this romance Lies in the secret of it. So we shall Unveil not this love For just as the sages say, Stolen water Taste sweeter than wine Offered by a King.


She is the personification Of beauty in motion. She is the notes on the sheet That guides the drummer's beat. She is the scent of the rose Come, let her tease your nose She is a soundless song, hear it And lose yourself in its beat. She is the flood waters of Jordan She  parts only for the honor of man. She is the oasis in the dessert Found only by the stout heart. Find me a woman, true And I'll show you Lizzy too. for Lizzy @dgreatlizzy


I have wanted this More than The barren hag Craved The feel of sucking lips On the nipples of her wilted, Virgin breasts. Wanting, My nerves have rippled Like the ired pond Protesting The forceful entry Of Mr. Frog Leaping into its waters. Have I not prayed Even as sin Dilutes my tottering faith; But water and kerosene Shall give the stove no flame, Though the match Be willing. So here I stand, Leftover Of the feast of failure. All I have left Are salty pears Squeezed from the depths Of wilted hope.


I. You, With Chrystal eyes Glistening With the wetness Of the Raging sea, You Shall one day Test the strength Of my hook For these waters Are baited with my words And my song Is the gentle hook That shall bring you in. II. I am the The fisherman Brave, I unhook Not The fish That bites on my hook Even if I ride the waves Dreaded By the finned folk For such Is my romance With the fish On my gentle hook. III. Even though you be A graceful shark Thirsty For my blood, I'll remain The gentle hook Taming you With the bait of love Until I bring you in For I am The fisherman, I let go not Until the baited fish Lies in my boat.


Dont flirt with my heart Like the bee That steals the flower's sweetness And leaves it empty, Stay with me. Dont love me Like the shadow. That stays only in the dark of night And flees At the break of dawn. Dont touch me Like the evening breeze, Though soothing, He stays only For a fleeting while. Stay, love me, And be the beat Pounding on the walls Of my stricken Heart.