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A father's sin Your bed is cold, your room is strange You roam alone on death's range No son, no daughter, no wife You chased them all with hunger and strife Did not the voice bid you change Now you die alone on a bed strange A son's cross The thoughts chewed in darkened shadows You spit now standing in the gallows How your heart beat like drums of war Now that you know your death is sure Did you not hear the still, firm voice And yet you held on to your choice A daughter's curse You groan now, no one hears The one that sees your tears only leers. He stirs inside you and you curse He is the worm that gives your heart sores Did not the silent voice say wait Look now you weep, but its too late A mother's tears You sit alone hiding in darkness bright You drown in this sea, no friend in sight For he is dead and far that wedded you The evil claws have taken your seeds to


For we were made from soulless dust ... Death comes for every man in turn. And though for endless breathe all thirst To lifeless dust, all shall return For breathless dust we were at first. As long as shines the gloomy moon Sure, all shall heed the reaper's call; The one that has a silver spoon And he that hath no spoon at all. So live not like this place is home For we are but brief travelers here We'll only for a season roam The borders of this troubled sphere ... and then we shall return to dust.


Floating like a ship with no rudder In in this sea called life Almost under The waves with which I strife My face raised to the sky My voice reach to the heavens Praying that help comes by Even if the messengers be Ravens See the sea of faces all around Some long some round Some to me by blood bound Some by twist of fate found Yet strife grinds me to the ground Yet to my shackles I am bound No help in them I found For all they want is my penny and my pound I see the light now My cross is mine to bear And the sweat on my brow Shall remain there Except by my will alone For no one knows a brother Each is on his own Even seeds of the same father So being alone this day O Lord to you I pray Beside me for ever to stay May your light light my way As i follow you each day May my enemies never hold sway May victory be mine each way And glory to you is what i will say My help comes fro the lord... He is my strength and my sword....


Looking out my window Somehow I know That you're there Far away but near A face among the crowd Held high and proud I feel it in my bones In sweet stirring tones The joy that comes with love And having someone to love I see you in my heart Though we're apart I see your face as I gaze Through the misty haze Knowing you Hearing you Feeling you And wanting you Though we've never met Our fate is set And when we meet It will be sweet The joy that we'll feel For its real The stars will twinkle The fish and the periwinkle Will smile to the moon The rain of monsoon Will fall for us Nature will dance with us For this love of ours Is sealed by heavenly and earthly powers