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we have gone once more like before even though the wound is still a sore for they said the wind was blowing and the fowls' yansh it was showing so we went, with our hearts and our thumbs daring the bullets and the bombs thumbed our silent voice, we did some with conscience veiled with greed some with hearts wounded and bled some with eyes still wet for the dead yes we thumbed at the break of dawn each knowing within that we be but a pawn they had the whistle we had the baton they chose the one to run the marathon in the dark short corners they laid so they ran not on the tracks we made and so when they ran the race we only looked and hoped from our place they have robbed us while we slept the fury of the fist is what we have left to the streets we go, our fists shall speak we'll mark our mark with the stick since the marks we made with our thumb they have made deaf and dumb and speak we did, smoke tells the tale for we left him behind o


this is just a musing about a man angry at the car that made him a cripple.... Knowing you are but worthless chaff Gives my heart a mirthless laugh As I remember that day of treacherous deed When you and me did bleed Now you sit here an empty husk An elephant shorn of its ivory tusk I know you blame me for our state Know now that thee too I do hate Thou dumb brainless metal rebel That ere now was my sweetest belle You turned not when I prayed you would And stopped not when I said you should Is it not funny now how we be Now you are me and I am thee For now I be on spinning wheels While you mope there propped on heels Now I cannot make you cut the air As we flowed from gear to gear Paraplegia is what they call it Never to stand, forever to sit. At least my state has got a name But alas, thy mangled wheeless frame No words on the lips of man can call So you have thee the Cain of the fall I dreamt last night that you were we


if brightness the sun should ever lack and all the stars we see turn black even if the moon refuses to shine and two o'clock is as dark as nine i will never budge from your side you alone gives me warmth on my inside I'll rather have your glittering eyes than all the host of stars in the skies if one day we have rain as red as blood and all our seas are turned to blood even if fire falls from this very sky and all are killed that roam and fly I'll still cling to the hem of your skirts because you alone can quench my thirsts I'll rather stay in your homely bosom than on a bed or roses in blossom if one day the green grasses turn brown and no green patch be found in town even if the fishes in the rivers all drown and the birds ply the sky all crash down I'll still seek your lips so full of life because you alone are the love of my life for your sake I'll walk through the fire and until you're mine I'll never tire if right now dogs


Need you be judged afore you know When your heart already flogs you so? Must your soul die and rot Before you hearken to your thought? The deeds that your hands do And words of your lips too The rhymes your heart hath writ They your sinning mouth doth spit When before your maker you stand Your deeds shall bind your hand Their hands shall pull the noose And no plea shall set you loose