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Of what use is love that must be hidden?  What need, for a candle that must remain unlit? Whispers no longer suffice Its time to pay the price I’ll give it all to you this day No matter what will or may Stolen water tastes sweeter Than honeyed wine from a sister My heart is faint, my soul weary Of stolen moments that make me merry So lets tell it to the winds Peel off the covering rinds And bare before the eyes of all The perfection of cupid’s call The hours of love in darkened meadows And days of bliss in hidden shadows I’ll barter for seconds of bliss or flight Shared in the stern glow of light? Love and show it to the whole world. love is not a crime!


We have closed our eyes to the truth and sold our conscience. Now, even fools want to lead. Why not? Let him wear it Who the cap shall fit For none shall dance the tap That lost a foot to the trap If our river is full Shall the lord of the pool Stand by and watch While another bears the torch? Shall we wash with salt And put soap in malt? Or shave the beards with shares As scissors clip the flower’s ears On the best head let us slap The ever-contended cap And let him dance the tune That bears the dancing rune Sugar the malt, salten the soup Jail ye every thought of coup Let scissors shape our beards While flowers, with shares are cared. When the future is carved by the hands of fools, tomorrow is murdered.


The battle is fierce It yieldeth much tears For we wrestle not they Who fall easy when we sway. Their blows they rain down Blood bleaches our gown But they fight and prevail not For by his blood we are bought. Our loins are girded with truth, So conquer we the evil brute. Our helmet of salvation is sure, Our safety in the Lord is pure. When blows adorn our breast Our souls shall be at rest For our firm breastplate From righteousness ‘twas create. We have we the shield of faith That hands us our enemies’ gate. By the Sword of the Spirit Our enemies we defeat. We trample snakes and scorpions Boldly waiting to battle lions And we walk on coals with ease For our feet are sandalled with peace. So we fear not the valleys of death No for danger or pestilence fret Knowing we fight not flesh and blood For our hope lies in Our God.


Down the tyrants they laid We bear you no more they said For we remember your pungent fart In the bloodied pages of our heart Never will we bear again A yoke that brings no gain But tears the color of blood And pleas heard only by God Think we’d be fools once more? And follow you through hell’s door No! We'll have us a Good shepherd Who'll feeds Luck to his herd


They came again to spit their words Our self-crowned gold Lords. What have we not heard Are we not the gullible herd? Their words flow like rain Only to flow into the drain. In colors of rainbow they paint A blissful tomorrow with no taint. And with words that tease our hopes They push us down the dark to grope. And we sit and listen While our future again is written. We have us only hope as friend And when he dies; then comes the end.


The sun goes down, I sit with my pen In the darkness of my den There in the pot is the ink All that's left is for me to think So here I am at the table Thoughts shaky and unstable My nib is sharpened to write And the paper is white The nib is in the ink The ink, the nib did drink Yet the paper remains white Only the widening stain is its blight Shall I write of flowers That withers with the hours? Or of men who care not for their kind Planting seeds of evil in their mind I know not, so I wait While my mind tries to create The sun is coming up again And still I hold my pen in vain