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Its valentine they say A bright and lovely day But my lips smile not Dark and heavy is my thought Today I say goodbye To my love with a heavy sigh She loves my purse That is her curse The size of my manhood Is to my pocket glued In the eyes of my eve And how my heart did grieve Her eyes are twin almonds They glitter like diamonds Her skin is the pride of angels The fairest of all belles Her voice is the mother of music That pleases even the rustic If only she could see That my love would drown the sea That my heart bleeds From the arrow of her greeds Bus she sees not but my worth Though I love her in deed and thought


Jude looked at his bloodied hands dazed beyond words. As though he were in a trance, he paced the room, seeing nothing and hearing nothing except the blood on his hands and the groans which echoed and re-echoed in his skull. “Today is supposed to be valentine”, he wondered aloud. He paced a little bit more and stopped at the crumpled figure before him. Then he looked down unseeing. A little storm began to build up in his head. Suddenly, his phone rang and that brought him back to consciousness. He picked up the phone and switched it off. It was no time to pick calls. The devil has really gotten him in a tight corner. He peeked at the figure again and caught a glint in the twin iris, they were gazing at him. His heart skipped two beats. “Could she be alive”, he wondered. Sobered, Jude knelt beside the corpse of his girlfriend, his valentine until some moments ago. She was still very dead. Blood had congealed around her temple. The cut was deep. Two hours ago, he wouldn’t have b