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I Want It All

Two is company Three is one too many For three is a crowd Where one wears a shroud What kind of love is this So bereft of bliss For you share with two That which for only one will do "I love You" says you How then can you love him too Shall we be three Like the stones for cooking be Like a tripod Bound by a single cord? I want it all Your heart body and soul I'll share it with none For the cord Of love is undone Unless two not three becomes one

Is This The Feeling?!

Is this the feeling heart yearning for what is not action and thought ruled by by one and one alone my breath is bated my thoughts constricted my soul afloat like a sailing boat my heart beats in spasmodic fits you rule my head as i lie in bed i gaze at the stars as they glow and the tears flow as i wish you were near and wish you were here is this the the feeling? I seek a meaning and i get it not the flame burn hot i know not what i feel but i know its real is this the feeling the feeling of love?

BOMBbilee OCTOBER 1ST 2010

I they asked us to smile though our tongues tasted bile. they choked the throats of our ears trying to drown our fears with their sugared songs which painted their seamless wrongs their tricks of 20 for 11 , promises unmet in colours that make us forget that our steaming pots are full with air that our skins are dried and bare that the ruts on our roads mock the rot of dead toads that our dreams are still asleep that yesterday was flushed down the drain that today is a sugared-cane of pain that tomorow lies beyond our grip that where we sow they reap and we forget it all like the pain of sex smiling when we ought to vex. Fela said it: suffering in silence silence in suffering :hope led by pretense so to the party we all came the hale, the ill and the lame clinging to to the frayed rope that their words bear fruits of hope? II so we heard not the blasting sound for our ears are long deaf to sounds around from ages of courting coughing generators and li


The revered oracle has spoken After much offers, much token? And how my heart did tickle When I heard he said Ah-tee-koo! They asked,”is the Oracle a swine Drunken with strong wine Or did the noughts in a price Make nuts the one that was wise?” The words of the oracle is a stone All shall stumble except one alone Can a knighted ragged slave Fight an armored king with a stave? The wise oracle has spoken Whether by wisdom or token And while they grumble I tickle For the oracle said,”Ah-tee-koo”.


Is my greedy heart shackled and sold To growing coins of burnished gold? Now  the sounds of crowded coins Stirs tunes of pleasure in my loins. Is my hope built on wealth that bides Only like the ever changing tides? Is my heart lost to things that be For fleeting moments and then flee? Things formless like air, things with end Earths borders never to transcend. Doth my worry and my toil Seek only the gold that grows in soil? Lord save me from this greed of mine And show me heaven’s boundless mine For long I’ve dropped the sacred baton My buried talent lost and rotten. Make white again my crimson gown That I may wear thy golden crown.


Where feets stumble Unsure where they go; Where lips grumble Bitterness of heart they show My feet will walk sure. They know where they go. Words sweet and pure From my lips will flow. Where eyes squint Lost in the darkness And hands grope for the glint stumbling into the cess, My eyes shall behold The beauty of his light. Strong shall be my hold My link to his hand of might. I fear not the times I dread not the tides For everything rhymes For those who make him their guide. The lord is my shepherd Why should I want? From my place in his herd The devil I'll taunt.