We all say Nigeria is bad. We all complain about unemployment. We all blame everyone in sight but ourselves for what is wrong with the economy. We all want it to get better. That is true.
Now, Nigeria is bad and the economy is bad and unemployment is on the rise. We all know that only too well. But how many of us are willing or have attempted to add a little drop of water to the communal bowl from which we can resurrect Nigeria’s vegetable garden?
It is rather unfortunate that we are quick to complain and blame-throw than look inwards and contribute that little quota. Yet we all want things to get better. How will things get better? Who will do it if now other humans, Nigerians, like us? If you and I don’t put in one one kobo, how will we get the billions we need to get back on track?

Today I propose a new direction, a new option, a new dawn – one of hope and change, not the change that will stifle us, but the change that will benefit us all, directly and indirectly.
This morning I made a post on my wall about giving out a loan of N50,000 without interest to be paid back in 90 days, asking for viable business ideas. Frankly speaking, I was surprised by the sheer number of viable businesses and willing youths who want under N50,000 loans to get on their feet.
It is impossible for me as an individual to support more than one (or two) of these people. But, together, we could give hope to at least 10 (or more) of them. I am quite sure that N50,000 is within the reach of many of my friends here. You can invest that sum into someone’s life today and thereby save someone’s future.
To this end, I implore my wiling friends to take a look at the business ideas in this URL (click ) and pick one person to mentor and support towards the actualization of the proposed business. It doesn’t even have to be up to N50,000. Some of the ideas need less than that sum (and some may need more eventually).
We can start a very great thing here – a ROTATING SEED FUND (interest free) – that will last through the years and build a new generation of entrepreneurs who must take the pledge of devoting a portion of their profits (for 1 year) to helping other entrepreneurs get started.
Please if you are interested, inbox me or call me on 08060109295 and we will pair you with one person.
Time for rhetoric is over. We can do this.


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