are you looking for ultimate happiness, trying hard day and night to get to nirvana – that particular place/achievement where you'll be in a state of perpetual happiness? well, the bad news is that you may not find that place where you'll get ultimate happiness (while on earth at least). indulge me with a bit of your time to explain this submission.

i have come to learn, the hard way, that happiness is not place or time bound. you have to constantly make it and practically carry it around. happiness is not a degree you earn and own perpetually. no, it is daily wages that you have to pray and work for. of course some happy times may linger, for a long while. but you'll be left wallowing in sorrow very soon if you relax, thinking you've reached destination happy.
don't postpone your happiness for "when i get married", "when i get a better job", "when i win a scholarship", "when i do this-or-that",... enjoy it now!
happiness is in the things you do every day, the things you do for you, for people, with yourself and with people. happiness is you having a slice of bread to swallow while planning to own two tomorrow. it is sharing that slice with someone who has none. happiness is laughing at yourself while plotting your comeback. happiness is making things happen around you – for your people, for yourself.

in other words, you must find happiness on a daily basis and enjoy those little things, moments that make you happy. find humor in the little things of life, because you may die before you attain that goal you think will make you happy. what if you don’t attain it? what if you attain the goal and it turns out to not be as exciting as you anticipated?

celebrate your little victories. you graduate with a 2nd class, congratulate yourself, instead of rubbishing it because you did not get first class. what of those that are still looking for admission? if you can afford a second hand suit, wear it with pride, instead of sulking around. what of those that cannot even afford anything? if you have a 40k job, do it with a smile, instead of envying those earning 400k. what of those who are walking on the streets looking for a job, any job?

when your dark clouds part
for the penis of happiness
will you allow yourself
enjoy the orgasm
before it ends?
happiness is ice cream in a cup
you should eat it, before it melts
into a cup of useless sweetness

we live for
tiny moments –
like slivers of sunlight
penetrating the hymen
of a virgin rainforest in Africa

do not postpone the moments
in vain search for hours of bliss
for hot coals soon become ash
so, when your dark clouds part
for the penis of happiness
will you allow yourself
enjoy the orgasm
before it ends?
life is progressive if you want it to be so. small pockets of happiness, when recognized, become building blocks of your happiness-mansion. remember that even those who dig for gold in the fields only get tiny nuggets which they gather, not huge gold bars.
to be happy is to make a conscious choice. do you want to be happy? make the decision…


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