Having a book is not what makes you a writer.
My stance comes following a post by one of my younger writer friends here on Facebook. He wanted to know if a person must have a book, as a form of certificate, to confirm him or her a writer.
It is a fact that there are a lot of persons here on Facebook who have published book and are yet far below some teenage writers here in terms of the quality of their creations. 
Again, there is another category of writers like Eketi Edima Ette, Emmanuel Oluwaseun Dairo and Pearl Lagertha Lothbrok who (to the best of my knowledge) do not have published books but they are DAMN good writers, better than many of their published peers.
So, the certificate of a writer, for me, is what you write, on Facebook, in a newspaper, on your wall or in a book/anthology/magazine.
Now, as a piece of advice to unpublished writers, I must say that having a book that people can refer to everywhere is VERY GOOD. You must however know that it is not a NECESSITY – you do not owe anyone a book.
If however, you feel you want a book, GOOD!. But be ready to make a financial commitment to get a good book you’ll be proud of many years ahead.
To me, having a published book or not is not what makes you a writer, or not. The only thing a book does to a writer is to make add the tag ‘Published Writer’ to such a person.
If you rush in to join the book-owning writers, it is the candid non-book-owning writers/critics/reviewers like Joseph Omotayo that will finish you.Selah!


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