Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Why are you in school?
This is a question many students find difficult to answer rightly, simply because they are stuck with the tradition idea of education – listen, write exams, get a degree and find a job.
But that is a very limited idea of being a student.
For such people, the full reason for being in school – at any level, is not realized until they are out of the academic environment.
A student is not only in school to achieve an impressive degree, to attend lectures and write exams.
You should not be like the typical student who sticks to the lecture halls and libraries, limiting his/her knowledge to materials related to a particular course of study.
Such people treat social interactions, non-course related information/events, people, religious and social groups etc. as diversions and distractions.
In reality however, the school – university, college of education, vocational school, polytechnic, etc exist to prepare a student for the life of an adult.
It is important to realise early that the time spent in academic environments is to help a student develop in an all-round manner; psychologically, academically, socially and otherwise.
It then means the student who truly wants to study should have plans for social interaction, hobbies, relaxation.
You must mix with people, find like minds, experiment, build relationships, learn skills, discuss ideas, research ideas in a non-formal manner, participate in activities that are not related to your course of study, guzzle information, try new things.
As a matter of fact, the more you explore while you are in school, the better your chances of doing fine when you are out of the academic system.
You should not be fooled into thinking that your course of study is your ultimate ticket in adulthood.
No, your degree is not your ticket to adulthood because the life of an adult is to earn an honest living, be a responsible member of society, and, if possible, contribute to existing knowledge.
You can achieve all these with or without your degree.
That is why many people have succeeded in society outside of the courses they studied in school
Take for example, Dr. Sid, real name Sidney Onoriode Esiri, is by training a dentist, but he is also an ace musician.
Also consider Pastor Enoch Adeboye who is a Mathematician but one of Nigeria’s greatest religious leaders.

While you must not take your academics for granted, be sure to really explore every part of you before you leave school.

Soon, you’ll be in the adult world and you’ll see that there is more to life than degrees.

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