Friday, January 16, 2015


These days, more than ever before, most young Nigerians decide to remain unemployed until a white collar job comes to pay them a visit in the comfort of their bedrooms.
Yes, some will go looking, souring the streets as they seek out the dream job they believed they MUST get as graduates. Unfortunately for many, years will roll on years and they’ll still be writing application letters.
In Lagos, we have these kinds of people too, blaming government and refusing to take their destinies to task or toeing the tempting path of crime.
 But we also have another set of people – young Nigerians, from different tribes, doing legitimate ‘whatevers’ to make a honest living. Some turn traders, others take to crafts like tailoring, art, graphics and just about any paying thing.
One of them is the dude in the picture above. This funky-looking dude and another guy (his brother maybe) are selling fried bean cakes, akara and puff-puff. The interesting about what they sell is that it is specially spiced with onions and pepper – no wonder they draw large crowds.
People going to work from Ajah, Badore, and all the communities along the Epe expressway stop to buy from them.
You just gotta try it.
I’ve always wanted to buy it, but I don’t eat sliced onions. So I spoke to him today, asked him why he would not make another set of his delicacies for none onion lovers like me.
You should hear the clear English with which he replied.
“Well, we did not want to do what everybody does. Ours is a personal recipe that our customers like.”
I was impressed and I tried, and seemingly succeeded, in convincing him to add the onion-free option which he says he’ll try out on Monday.
So I’ll be back there on Monday and I’ll see if he’ll keep his words…plus I want to know if he’s a graduate.
He looks polished, check out his studs!
Now, imagine a funky dude like him selling akara!
If you’re waiting for white collar jobs, you’re on a looooooong thing…just learn from my Lagos of industrious people.
MY LAGOS OF INDUSTRIOUS PEOPLE by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson @BrainyPoet @CandidLAGOS




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