Thursday, December 18, 2014


As a reporter in Abuja, thrice I was arrested for intervening in situations where policemen were extorting drivers. Each time, I was at least slapped around. But the 2nd time, I was so beaten that I had a bleeding nose, a swollen eye and a shifted jaw.
On that occasion I witnessed a policeman beating a driver after the latter failed to comply by paying a sum. I swear I saw the purported offence.  It was in no way an offence.
Another time, in the company of Opeyemi Kehinde policemen shot at us while we were reporting a protest by bus drivers in Abuja. The bullet struck an innocent passer-by in the leg. Police denied the shooting even though we had a video.
Well, the bottom line of this is that we have very corrupt police men.  I see them everywhere enFORCING warped law.
But last week I met Policeman with a heart of gold.
There was an accident involving a small Igbo girl who sells food in coolers.  She was knocked down by keke riders around Obalende and everything she had spilled on the tarmac. She was bleeding too.
Trust the keke agbero... they tried to manoeuvre their way out of the situation, scooped the spilled rice and plantain back into the coolers and attempted to give the girl a quick brush off.
I and a few people said no, especially after they have scooped sandy rice from the ground into the cooler.
I was still busy attending to the girl's bleeding knee when I heard a loud voice behind me screaming that the food be left on the ground.
I turned, it was a scrawny looking Policeman but the look on his face was fire. From his accent, I knew he was Yoruba.
He told the keke guys that that they will pay for the entire food the girl had.  Every damn, kobo he said! He quickly rallied two more mobile policemen.
So calmly, he asked the girl, who was weeping like a mother who has lost 3kids to Taliban, to give him her guardian's number.
She did.  He called, with his phone. It was the girl's mother. He asked her how much the entire food pack costs.  She told him.
You will not believe that the little girl left that place with a hurting knee, the leftover of her wares and the entire sum of the goods.
He did it, and he is just a Policeman... One of the uniformed people we hate.
Truly, some policemen are your friend.

By the way, I have his phone number. His name is Sunday and he is from Ondo state.

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  1. There comes a time when you get so jaded by what happens in this country... And then something like this happens, and your faith in it is slowly resurrected. We still have a long way to go tho.




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