Monday, December 8, 2014

“HANDS UP”, “DON’T SHOOT”: a dirge for Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown

All over the world, there have been protests over a resurgence in racism, especially against the black race. This real or imagined racism upsurge is as unfortunate the era of black slavery that the world is yet to fully recover from.
It is unfortunate that the recent cases of racist killings involve law officers. But even worse is the fact that it is happening in the United States — supposedly the 'land of the free.'
For many people, it i easy to just sigh and look it over like any other piece of bad news.
But as humans, it is our responsibility to speak out and condemn what is not right.
The killing of young, unarmed people is a crime, whether or not they are black!
Here is my dirge for these lost lives...

 "don't shoot"

“officer, see, my hands are both up
lower your gun, my hands won’t drop”
but the lawman's gun remained pointing
soon, desperate bullets it began spurting
so the raised hands drop earth lost a soul
wasted, cheated...soon to fill a six-feet hole

one bullet, one choke-hold
a life ends, without being old

"why are you following me?"

it was dark, laddie was scared
the man that stalked him neared
he stopped to face what he feared
alas, he was by Zimmer-bullets pierced
an eager vigilante with many itching fingers
pulled a trigger ... now the hooded soul lingers

one bullet, one choke-hold
a life ends, without being old
"i can't breathe"

uniformed hands grappled him
losing breathe he hummed a hymn
as he muttered to deaf ears “please
I can’t breathe” give me some release
deaf ears remained deaf, a soul was lost
because a cop was in his rabid power lost

one bullet, one choke-hold
a life ends, without being old
one moment alive, the other dead

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