we are first born human 
after then, a man or woman
all religion and race definitions
are needless postbirth distractions
an excerpt from the poem: ‘HUMANITY BEFORE ANY OTHER THING...’

many times, in my short life, i have often wondered about the evils around us. i’ve been troubled about how evil the world has turned.
but what bothers me of it all is the fact that humans are becoming more dangerous than the beasts in the wilderness. each one of us may claim to be living the good life, candidates of heaven...but are we truly that?
we are yet to know that our actions and inaction have far reaching implications for us and those around us…
  • in 1997/8 i became an ‘orphan’ and was ‘adopted’ by a Yoruba family who have no connections with me.
  • in 2003, i scored nearly 300 in JAMB but somehow did not get into the first admission list, despite the fact that my father had (untapped) connections in the university. i walked into the office of a Professor at Faculty , abi na Department, of Pharmacy, though i was looking for admission in the Social Sciences. i met a woman there, i later learnt she was Prof. Okpanachi, wife of Ahmadu Bello University’s Deputy Vice Chancellor. at the time, i looked like a 13 year old but she was so name came out in the next list...she did not know me
  • as an undergraduate, i was practically surviving on the benevolence of some Basange people (Kogi state indigenes) who i just happened to know. they practically fed me for 2 years without knowing my parents or my family.
  • i could not afford to pay accommodation fees from 100 to 300 levels but i always had accommodation because the hall administrator (late) always found a place for me until fortunes changed for me in my 300/400 levels.
  • in 2010, i was travelling from Abuja to Port Harcourt when our vehicle broke down in a very deserted area of Edo state. the driver disappeared in the name of looking for help. it was night already and we (myself and the passengers who had not left on their own) needed a place to pass the night. a young guy of about 21 years and his kid sister housed all six of us, four men and a girl….they never knew us.
  • the next morning, i had only N200 in my pocket and there was no ATM to get money from. one of the passengers, a student lent me enough money to go to Port Harcourt… a stranger
  • in 2011, i was traveling and the vehicle broke down again in another remote bush around 9pm. a man parked his vehicle and picked us into the nearest town...we could have been robbers.
imagine that, in all the scenarios above, i was not helped? would there be a KIS now? i might just have ended up as a street urchin, stabbing people with bottles at a motor park or raiding homes and raping defenseless women...
now, beyond that, who would have helped the girl i helped yesterday? who would have paid the school fees of Peter(not real name) a kid i taught as a youth corp member? who would have started WRRPoetry which has helped a handful of people? who would be writing this right now? who would have ended up in police cell twice, for helping strangers suffering police brutality…

hungry hand pleaded
pleas went unheeded
rich mouth hisses
emptying filled dishes

hungry hand armed
rich mouth harmed
body, soul asunder
grave claims another!
a poem titled ‘HUNGRY HAND, RICH MOUTH’

we must know that we are all here for a purpose. that what we have is not ours alone, nor is it our place to automatically delete some people from the list of potential help receivers. 
you must first see a human before you see their age, sex, religion, economic standing or any other coloration you have dancing around in your head. you must first try to help.
in fact, it is better to help someone and later realize that you have been cheated or defrauded than to refuse to help and learn later that someone had died, or suffered great harm because you refused to help.
yesterday, a war started on my wall after i blasted two undutiful religious leaders for not living up to their calling. i know that the ultimate principle of Christianity is 'LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF’.
this is a difficult thing for any human, but it is expected that those who claim to lead men to God should do better than the led.
the consequences of not lending a hand are more than the material loss you might suffer for falling prey to deceptive people.
i rest my case.
thank you. 

Kukogho Iruesiri Samson (KIS)
Religion: Humanity
Sex: Human
Race: Earthling
Economic Status: Comfortable enough to assist a few



  1. You are indeed an inspiration. You have proved that humanity is living a notch above ''selfness'' and a notch below ''safeness''.

    1. Thank you. We all can do a little to make a life better.

  2. I belong to the human race...
    Love is my religion
    Nature is what I worship.

  3. Being greedy
    To the needy
    Around you
    Is sinful too

    That's life


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