Wednesday, May 21, 2014

#BringBackOurGirls: IS SHE GONE FOREVER?

@BrainyPoet: #BRINGBackOURGirls Is She Gone Forever?
I bore her in my womb
Have I lost my baby to the tomb?
I fed her with my breasts
Can my baby escape the Boko nests?
I carried her on my back
Will I ever have my baby back?

She went in search of knowledge
Within the walls of Chibok college
Her only crime was her dare to dream
Judged. Guilty! By beasts of Boko team!

She wanted to be a doctor
Now she faces a AK47 instructor
She wanted to inspire change
Today she weeps in firing range
She wanted to roam the earth
Alas, she gives terrorist mirth!

Who will bring back my girl?
She is my one and only pearl!

I saw the picture above today. It was posted by @KathleenNdongmo on Twitter with the caption:
"This heartbroken mother shows the picture of the daughter she aches to see. We MUST not relent. #BringBackOurGirls"
Looking at it, tears rolled down my cheeks.
It is unfortunate that we live in a nation where almost 300 girls
will be STOLEN like pieces of meat from a pot of soup and everything is going on as though all were well!
When America lost thousands of people in the September 11 attacks, we felt their anger, tears and saw the immediate solutions. Same thing happened to after the Boston Bombings, where the culprits were in the net in a matter of hours.
In Nigeria, the President is smiling at functions and his wife is telling us ‘there is God’ while the army seems to be out of depth.
May God help us.

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