fires of greed
opium of religion
blades of revenge
siblings at war

Sectarian violence is a reoccurring decimal in human history and Nigeria has had its own share of such.
Just a day ago, we heard the news that Katsina Students Burnt Churches Over Exam Questions, and this is what prompted me to share this poem from my book 'What Can Words Do?'

Because a man’s not of your creed,
You strike him down without remorse,
And there you stand to watch him bleed,
His eyes pleading in muted Morse!

Is there a cross across his face?
Or in his eyes the crescent-star?
Is he a demon by his race –
Be his skin white or dark as tar?

You say you fight for G(g)od – I sigh.
For in the forges of your wrath
Your metal conscience knows you lie,
Because great evils you have wrought!

Which G(g)od did bid you fight for H(h)im,
You frail and breath-filled, molded clay,
That now you kill on senseless whims,
The one with whom you did once play!?

Is it G(g)od's whispers in your head,
Commands within His Scriptures' found,
Or are you just a blind man led
By evil–preaching priests, hell-bound?

Oh yes, God shall punish us here –
Even before we leave Earth's shores –
And when we meet together there,
Your evil will earn you Hell's doors!

So though we die and cry in pains –
(Still fawning hatred everywhere);
Don’t curse the drought and flooding rains –
They are God’s tears and angry glare!

God is not helpless, he can defend himself!


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