Would You Lend A Hand For Borno, Yobe, Nigeria?

On my mind is #Maiduguri, #Yobe and #Nigeria.

We poets are wordsmiths. Agreed. But what will we smith in the face of the violence taking souls away like they were nothing? Are we just going to remain passive onlookers until we are touched?

Well, I want to answer on your behalf. So I say NO, we will do something, however little!

Last week I said I had a project in mind. Now, this project is getting more flesh. I have gotten some support and some tips:

Someone wrote:
"Why will you kill in God's name?
He created the Life in the first place!
Do you do God a favour by destroying others?
No, he waits to destroy you, if you do not change!"

Our language should be peace, knowledge inspiring:

Its time to lay down swords
And heal the sores
With heartfelt words.
Kill them, they are infidels,
Kill them, one and all,
Damned spiritual rebels!

Alas! From the pulpit
Flows fiery arrows
To put men into the pit!
god ordered deaths!
Oh! You brought to an end
The life of the one
That was once your friend.
None will say, "Peace be still
So you kill, and I kill.
And when they kill, we too kill.
Vengeance is a gourmand
Leave him, let him be
For none can meet his demand!

The poems should also be simple. Easy to digest:

Each life
a knife

Each blade
if swayed

Cut – throats
harvest – oats

You live
what motive?

The project will be in two (or 3) fronts:

  • We will have a blog/website and a Group on Facebook... 
  • We will post poems on our blog daily. 
  • We will also get pictures telling the plight of the people of these places. Pictures don’t lie they say. 
  • Our poems will be interpretations of these pictures.

TAKE IT TO THE STREETS: For those who have the guts, we will walk on the streets of Borno and Yobe:
  • We will get at least 2,000 large balloons and about 100 short poems. 
  • We will blow the ballons, tie a rope to them and tie a pamphlet to the rope. 
  • The pamphlet will contain poems written in English and Hausa (one language on either side). 
  • We will release these balloons into the air and let them float to wherever they like. 
  • The poems will be on different topics by different people but with a message of peace and hope to the people there

A BOOK: We might go as far as publishing a book, or an e-book version.

Now, we will need 3 kinds of help:
  • Finance/Logistics/Contacts (security and otherwise)
  • Blog managers, Facebook/Twitter managers
  • Street soldiers who will do the actual balloon war
Someone may ask: What Can Words Do? Well, I would answer, words can do a lot. If we can save just one soul, we have not failed!

Please email me if you are willing to help in any of the above categories. The blog will be released soon. Meanwhile... stay blessed and preach peace.


its very easy to pick a stone
easier to target skull bone
once a soul, to death, is sent
its gone! no need to repent


sinless folks cast the stones
..death throes, pleading tone
one breath returns to God
the earth drinks in more blood


Kukogho Iruesiri Samson
Founder WRRPoetry Group


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