Yes, kick her like a ball
Right, in the womb and skull
Ignore the ‘help me’ call
Didn’t she bring Adam’s fall?

If you were born by two men, 'gestated' in a male womb and nursed with breasts from a 6-pack chest, ignore this. Don’t even read beyond this spot...

If by now you're still reading, then you are a human being born from a womb, nursed by a woman. You have a mother, sisters, lovers and daughters. Bottom line, you be correct human beans...sorry, being.

you punch the 'E' from ‘SHE’
for 'SHE's the woe to man
'Shh!': silent she must be
she is only a 'wo(e)man'

Women are perhaps the most important of the sexes, saddled with the greater responsibility in procreation – by them each one of us came to be, nurtured by them.

Now, I have a question: Why do you think you have to abuse a woman, when she could easily be someone's mother, sister, daughter and wife?

See what those animals did to Damini in India, see what those ‘manimals’ in Ejigbo did to innocent women for 'stealing pepper'.

where is a woman's place
in world of raiding phalluses
who see not her face
nor care for her choices

Have you not heard of women that nearly kill their house helps/sisters because of their husbands? Or mother-in-laws making marriage a 'Walk In the Valley of the Shadow of Death' for their daughter-in-laws?

Therefore, we cannot sit and do nothing about the Abuses that they suffer, by our hands and the hands of those we know.

Abuses against Women, especially Rape and Domestic Violence, are evils that we must collectively fight in our societies.

your angry words are arrows
each kills a bit of her
and these fists you throw
give more than scars

The victims are our MOTHERS, DAUGHTERS, SISTERS and LOVERS. So we cannot sit back and watch them suffer.

Many victims have ended up damaged for life and the more unlucky ones have died. India’s Damini remains a painful reminder.

Most of these victims, largely because of socio-cultural strictures, have no voice of their own.

you were from womb born
and breasts you did suckle
those same breasts you scorn
and scar with fist, buckle

Many have chosen to chew the kernel of silence in the world’s extreme corners; our battered wives, girls raped by brothers, fathers, uncles, neighbours and ‘friends’, boys abused by ‘aunties’, sodomised by ‘uncles’…the list is endless.

The perpetrators are human beings living among us and we must prod their consciences.

We must note that they are not only men. Women too abuse, men and other women – especially female children wey dey live with dem.

It must stop!

do walk awhile inside her
hear her thoughts and quaver
see the welt, wound, scar this your life giver?

It is when we speak out about their deeds and the danger it poses for us as a people that we might begin to find a solution.

We will make history with this project as we join hands in a battle against ‘Domestic Violence and Women Abuse'.

'I love you' you said
'Marry me?' 'Yes I will!'
sweetheart turns wife, then maid
bedded and battered at will

It is our hope that, by this weapon of poetry, we might save a few, we might heal and transform some of the beasts perpetrate this evils.

Now, we already have a finished manuscript from our call for submissions last year. Its titled: 'OUR MOTHERS, OUR DAUGHTERS, OUR SISTERS, OUR LOVERS'

What we have problems with now is funding. We need help for that and you can be the one to give that help. Nothing is too looting. 

We offer you an opportunity to help right the wrongs of many generations of patriarchal marginalisation which is taking a dangerous turn in modern times.

she is your other half
a partner, not employee
no, not the weaker half:
‘I, Me’ now ‘Us, We’

The book we hope to put in your hands, and in many other hands - for free, is no ordinary collection of poems.
It is a living collection of voices speaking out against an evil against our women, and an evil against our women is an evil against humanity.

I have no doubt you will find collaborating in the production of the book greatly rewarding.

Happy International Women Day!

Thank you.

Kukogho Iruesiri Samson
Author ‘What Can Words Do?’
Founder/Curator WRR Group


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