Wednesday, March 12, 2014


@BrainyPoet Give It Up For The Women!
to be a father
is one step farther
than becoming a man

You know, we men are god-damned lucky to be men!

I realise this fact more and more as I inch towards becoming a husband and/or a father.

From our obviously physical advantage over the women folk to the simple fact that we don't have the crimson monthly visitor to deal with, unlike our female 'weaker vessels' (feminists, make una forgive your olodo broda!).

All evidence point to a slanted human divide, biological and otherwise, between the he-man and the she-man.

to be a mother
is to un-choose murder
gazillion miles for a woman

We could go further to the fact that the average woman's body tends to break down faster than the average male's, such that a 50 years old male will be clearly physically better than a 50 years old woman.

Of course, the reason for that it not too hard to guess... The biggest one is the child bearing thing.

The fact that they have to 'create' a human  being inside them for 9 solid months, four to five times for the average women, is a wonder!

So the woman soon has wilted breasts, sucked by the created humans (and those bearded bobos wey too laik bobby) and the stomach is soon wrinkled, beyond sexual appeal to some men.

Chai! Women dey hear am o!

On the strength of these he-advantages alone, especially the physical and biological which feminists haven't found a way round yet, we ought to give the woman some kind of ... respect, especially the pregnant ones -  befo dem go use scientific juju take turn us to sometin else!

oh woman! I thee laud
before thee, I am no Lord!
come, lets make one more human

The thought of the woman's sacrifice gives me bouts of conscience fever each time I have spar of words or a battle of wills with my Ifesinachi tomato. 

Upon the fact that we have the upper hand, physically and for the time being, economically, cultural, social and religious precepts and superlatively tilted against them - yet they thrive!

E no easy!

So, as I inch towards being a husband and/or a father, I say to Gbosa! to all the mothers out there!

If you are a man that was fathered and hope to father a future father and mother someday, then join  me to make the pledge of love and respect to all our mothers who will mother future mothers and fathers that will also murder... (did I just type MURDER!?)

I dey hail o!

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