Thursday, February 20, 2014


Sex: Take Your Child Off The Platter
we didn't speak of sex
until virginity became ex

Sex is not a meal, everyone eats it. But it is not so much the eating as WHO does the eating.
Some little children in primary school will amaze you with their knowledge of the ‘Theory and Practice of Sex’. Sad thing is many of them were initiated by much older predators, sometimes close uncles and aunties. 
Worse still, it is the girls that suffer the most. They are the ones that risk getting pregnant, socially stigmatised and suffer the dashing of promising futures.

It’s sad indeed.

we didn't speak of decency
until abuse triggered urgency

So when I listen to young lads and lasses talking about sex and relationships these days, I just shudder.

The other day, I wrote about a 17 year old that I overheard telling his same-age friend about his lovers who discovered he had been playing them both, and having sex with them!


little boy knows the path
he's given many breasts a pat

Well, not long ago, a 6 year old girl I used to playfully call my wife told me she wanted to tell me something.

"Tell me," I said. At that time she was sitting on my laps in their living room, with her father and mother present.

What she whispered into my ear shocked me.

"You said I'm your wife. So when are we going to have a baby?"

I was shocked, but she was not done. "Mummy and daddy did it yesterday."

I was embarrassed beyond my wits. Thank God no one else heard what she said. So I quietly dropped the girl to the next chair to me and never played with her again.

little girl fears not the pestle
she's pleased the rough and gentle

Just imagine if I was a paedophile, looking for preys? Isn’t that a free ticket to warped pleasure?


After some investigations, I realised that the parents watch all sorts of films, even those with clear sex scenes, with the girl and her little sister watching. Add this with the other times the girl must have caught her parents having sex.
In some other families it is not a case of access to such pornographic situations that damage the children; it is the lack of parental guidance!
Some parents think it is not good to tell their children about sex.

No, it is not wrong. If you don’t tell them about it and what to do in every situation, including pregnancy and disease preventive methods, someone else will tell them.
Even as you hammer it into their ears that ABSTINENCE is the best, impressing the religious, moral and physical benefits/implications, tell them what a CONDOM is! Yes! 
Better tell them than have to deal with unwanted pregnancy or HIV/AIDS. Otherwise, they will learn from their friends and predatory men/women around them.

it’s not a joking matter
take them off the platter

If you take time to talk to your kids about their sexual developments and involvements, a lot of things may be prevented. Know how they feel about which girl or what boy.

Make them so confident in you that they tell you about who toasted them or who they toasted.
The alternative to that, which is keeping quiet or being aggressive towards all things sexual, without offering explanations is regret – you will regret when the unbelievable happens.
I have a male friend who was abused for 5 years by 2 sisters living in the same compound with his parents.

There was also a 16 year old lad that impregnated his 14 year old sister right under their parent's roof.

In Abuja, a 9 year old girl became a shared prostitute for a 50+ old man and a jobless 27 year old graduate. They only give her sweet and food for her sex services.

look, predators are watching
your little one they're stalking

We have the predators in our homes (husbands, uncles, aunties, sibling, neighbours) in the schools (teachers and fellow students), in the corners and roads (rapists and others). So there is need for caution.

Educate your children.

Teach them decency, modesty and caution – take them off the platter of abuse...for sex is now a meal!

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