Monday, January 27, 2014


When I started WRRPoetry in July 2012, it was not because I thought I had arrived as a poet, it was because I realised that young Nigerian poets, like me, had been chained down in the shadow of our poetry fathers like the great Prof. Wole Soyinka, JP Clark, Gabriel Okara, Christopher Okigbo, John-Pepper Clark Prof. Remi Raj and many others...

It is unfair that most literary prizes focus on prose, as though we are not a poetry nation. Thank God for people like Sir Eriata and his Eriata Oribabhor Poetry Prize, the 3rd edition of which will be coming up in February.

I could, without being deliberately proud, that a few of us have been able to walk a little bit into the sunshine of poetry with the help of those we met in the game.

Like me, some have published but we still have many young talents that we need to help grow. I could mention a few like James Ademuyiwa Jamesconco, Adaku Agbarakwe, Samuel Leumas, James T. Abel Adesitimi, Adeyemi Adesiyan, and many others.

However, we are not yet there. Poetry should be high up there at the peak of Nigerian writing and to do this, we all should chip in one thing or the other.

As an individual, I want to start something little.

Every week, I will give away one signed copy of my book What Can Words Do to a selected Poet of The Week. My focus will be on the youngest of the youngest poets.

I will be as subjective as I will be objective, so there should be no cry unfairness.

All you have to do to win a copy of What Can Words Do? is to add #WhatCanWordsDo to any poem you post on Facebook, either on WRRPoetry or any other poetry forum, even your personal wall.

You will also upload the picture of you and the book as your profile picture for at least a day when you get your copy of the book.

So it’s simple:
1. Write a poem (with social message)
2. Post it somewhere on Facebook
3. Add the tag #WhatCanWordsDo
4. Win the book
5. Get the book, take a picture
6. Upload and tag me

If you win more than once, you’ll be announced winner but you will HAVE to DONATE the book ANY poet friend of yours, so that no one will own two free copies.

This initiative is open to contributions and other published authors can donate their books. Let’s get poetry into every bookshelf in Nigeria.

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  1. This to me is not a competition but a way of encouraging reading culture as well as writing through incentives. It's a great initiative that I believe as time goes by, it should be taken down to secondary school (I mean gov't own secondary schools, because many whose parents cannot afford to buy books are found there) Kudos to you Sir KIS.




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