DEVIL'S PAWN [Excerpt 1 Sleeping With The Devil]

The wind howled outside and Simon would have sworn that a hyena was waiting outside his window. A gust of wind blasted through his window, smashing it against the wall. The curtain made a flapping sound that sounded like the winds of a thousand bats in Simon’s ears.

Light spilled on the bed. The moon must have directed its beam into his room deliberately. It seemed like a thousand halogen bulbs had just gone on.

The light fell on her face. And Simon’s mouth opened.

There was a wicked snarl on her face. Her upper lips twisted up at the edges and blood appeared from nowhere.

Vampire! I’m in bed with a vampire.

If Simon screamed –or thought he did- it was not heard outside his head. He jerked up, releasing himself from her legs and jumped off her. He landed awkwardly on his back. That was as far as he could get. He had lost control of his legs.

The girl sat up on the bed looking down at Simon. Her lips curled downwards, transforming the snarl into a puppy look as scars appeared on her body. Her lips moved - no sounds reached his ears - but he could hear her still, icy voice slicing through his heart.

See what they did to me. See!

The scars multiplied as she spoke. A gaping hole appeared on her forehead. Fresh blood flowed out, running down her nose bridge before merging with the blood on her chest.

You were there. You saw it happen!

The wind howled wildly again. Wild flapping of the curtains followed.

She stood, slowly, as if she was in too much pain to move. The blood following from her body gathered at her feet. Blood flowing from her vagina separated just above her knee, giving her legs a webby look.

The bed was a sea of blood.

They can’t get away. You won’t let them. We have a deal.

She started crying. Simon wanted to get up but he couldn’t. She walked over to him and reached out to touch him. He screamed.

You won’t let them. You won’t let them. You have to help me. You saw what they did to me.

Simon woke up panting. He sat up and noticed the wetness in his boxers immediately. He touched it. It was sticky. Part of it had dried to his skin and flaked away at his touch.


It was just a wet dream, it’s nothing more.

He heaved a sigh of relief and his heart gradually braked to normal. Though it was extremely relieving to think that it was just a wet dream, a certain part of him was not convinced.

Not after the way he had felt in the dream.

He looked round the room just to make sure nobody was in the room with him. Perhaps there was actually nothing to worry about.

“It’s just a dream,” he spoke out loud.

He sighed again and shifted to the edge of the bed.

He glanced up at the clock on the wall. It was so quiet in the room that he heard the tick of the seconds hand hit 12.


It can’t be.

He remembered that he was dropped off a few minutes to twelve. Skulls had mentioned the time. He couldn’t remember who Skulls was talking to. But he was sure about the time. He couldn’t believe that it had just been fifteen minutes.

Just fifteen minutes?

Simon had expected the morning to be but a few minutes away. He shrugged and let himself fall back to the bed. It was a huge relief, knowing that it was no more than a dream.

A strong gust of wind blew into the room and the window closed shut with a clattering sound. On the wall, his poster of Eminem peeled off at one corner and slapped against the wall as the breeze hit it. The bathroom door which was ajar slammed shut.

Simon sat up again scared. A solid shadow passed by his window. There were no audible footsteps but he could swear he saw the shape. The shadow emerged and fleeted towards him. It disappeared halfway. Simon was too scared to move. There was no other sound apart from his breathe and the wind howling outside.

They’re still there. If you go now, you’ll get them.

Simon stopped breathing and froze. Only his heart failed to stop.

He had heard the voice but he wasn’t sure. A cold pocket of air fanned his face, ever so lightly. It was the same touch in the dream. No doubt.

He expected the numb feeling that enveloped him after the touch.

They are only two of them there. They’re still digging.

The voice did not scare Simon this time.

He got up from the bed. He walked to the door. The door knob was not there. He looked around and saw it near the wardrobe. He did not wonder at that, he just pushed at the door.

The door opened by itself and Simon walked out into the cold night.


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