Wednesday, November 20, 2013


What Is Love?
Love is the poisoned jar of water
Sitting in the dessert, under a palm
As thirst makes the dying traveler stutter
He willingly drinks...and waits for the calm

I dont know if I have ever truly loved or if I actually know what love means. I can also bet that 90% of those actually reading this are wearing those same shoes of confusion - finding something and thinking they are in love until the shines rubbs off and they are left with coated iron.

Many of us would claim to have 'loved', or should I say lusted? If asked to define it, they would say love is kind, love is not selfish, love forgives, it overlooks, its bla bla bla...

If that is love, then how many of us can truly say we love? It means then that only 5% of the world love. How many men cheat on their wives/girlfriends and vice versa?

How many people forgive and act in total sacrifice fr their partners? How many people will willingly die for their lover? How many will forgive infidelity, disrespect, laziness, squaderous attitude, greed...

A pastor like Chris Okotie even finds it expedient to divorce.

It occured to me then that love must be a shadow that we have given false flesh. The truth is that we do not know what it is. We think we do and act as such, and therein is the folly of our existence.

Most of what we call love is actually selfishness. That is the conclusion I have reached. You must be selfish enough to want the woman/man for yourself alone. You dont want to lose him/her to another person. So you do all you can to make him/her blind and invincible to others.

You use kindness to tie down your object of 'love' and perhaps become aggressive, like a territorial beast in the wilderness, to keep them in line.

So, some man beats his woman to death because he 'loves' her just as another woman kills her man because of jealousy inspired by intense love! Perhaps even Romeo committed suicide because he is too selfish to allow his woman go to the spirit world alone.

How come our parents in those days were able to stay together, longer than the modern day love-inspired relationships? Arranged relationships stood the test of time....because of love?

Ah, I've just ended up rambling....

Anyway, can someone here tell me what love is?

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