Monday, November 25, 2013


A real Nigerian must hate every idea
Strive hard to kill them as they are born
He must hunt the idea-intiator like wild deer
Rubish him, and gift him with mountainious scorn
CAVEAT: All what I will say here are sujective opinions that may be very, very, very wrong - but in my shallow mind, they are more than true, nearly Gospel. So pardon me, and counter me - or hunt me and prove me right.
You might be wondering about the title. Perhaps you have even gone to meet Mike Tyson to give you some tips that you can use on me, to teach me a lesson for such an unholy submission about Nigerians, about you. What you do not know is that I have my reasons and I have an AK47 with endless bullets - try me, you go see say even Jet Li dey fear bullet.

Well, I started an initiative that is guarateed to transform the Nigerian writing and publishing industry in a manner of months if we all embrace it and do our parts.

@AUTHORPEDIA is set to be the number 1 resource blog about Nigerian writing, an emerging hub of all things Nigerian-writing, where you can get all information about Books, Authors, Publishers, Editors, Promoters, Distributors, Writers’ Groups, Reviewers/Critics and a lot more.

The aim is to bring all process, from writing to reading Nigerian books, to one place – AuthorPedia. It’s Nigerian and it’s Original!

Imagine that as a writer, or aspiring writer, you could just go to a website and find all the publishers in Nigeria, by just clicking and searching... Imagine you could get access to all Nigrian publishers, reviewers, distributors and other writing resource in one place?

Imagine you could find information about all Nigerian writers, bookshops, books, writing associations, resource persons, all in one place?

Now imagine that all you have to do, to get listed, is just fill a small form - free for 3 months, and with free adverts for books?

AuthorPedia will take care of you, whether you are looking for…Publishers, Distributors, Editors, Reviewers, Tributes, Markets, Bookshops, Book Reviews, Writing News, Research Data, Book Promoters, Competitions, Nigerian Writers, Writers’ Groups...

There, you will read about Nigerian Writing, Publisher Listings, Author Profiles, Book Listings & Reviews, Writers’ Resource Listings, Tributes to Writers, Writing News/ Announcements, Free Book Downloads

Sorry, scratch all the above. It cant work. We are in Nigeria. Nigerians hate ideas.

Do you know that 97% of all those I contacted, advised and begged to get listed just mubled "Thank You" and have not said anything about it since, even the person I first talked about the idea with. Imagine that!

Well, like most Nigerians, I am tenacious. I have faith this will still work. In fact, it has worked as Parresia Publishers has taken the first jump, getting listed. Aint that cool?

So if you are an author, publisher, book distributor, bookshop owner, editor, writing community administrator, promoter or critic/reviewer... and you feel this nigger Samson has lied, then prove me wrong by clicking HERE and registering book, profile, publishing house, writers' association, your editing business, book review services, bookshop, book distributing chain and other writing resource you own (or copy and paste the link in your browswer )

You can go one step further - and make me look pretty stupid - by personally telling your friends who are in any of the above categories.  Tell them to help you rubish my claims by listing their books and profiles.

I dont mind being proven wrong. In fact, I dare you to prove me wrong that:
You dont have the guts to spread the word about @Authorpedia
You dont have the guts to help take Nigerian wriitng higher
You dont have the guts to prove me wrong.
You dont have the guts to get listed
You dont have the guts...
Yes, you lack the guts!

But if you have the guts, get the Authorpedia advantage, for you and your friends.

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