WHAT CAN WORDS DO?: A personal review by Moses C. Opara

'What Can Words Do?' author Kukogho at the public
presentation of the book on Sept. 27 2013 in Abuja.

TITLE: WHAT CAN WORDS DO? (a collection of poems)
AUTHOR: Kukogho I. Samson (@BrainyPoet)
PUBLISHER: Parresia Publishers (Origami)

REVIEWER: Moses Chibueze Opara

Kukogho Samson Iruesiri has always got many words in his heart to share, a writer of altruistic character and gregarious nature, who has in an enormous way been of great influence to many poets and writers, leading them into the art of self-discovery....

we have come this far
with a hungry heart,
out from the shells
of this polluted siege
to sniff the breath of fresh air
they promised to share.

we sit upon the breast
of our deceived heart
chewing the bitter-kola
we brought from the north
our teary eye blinked
like that of the mad men and women 
in the market square of poverty.

chasing birds hung on a sprouting tree
we hug the cold night
with hands stained with struggles
and bravely embraced our fears
in the court room of history,
where the iroko blow the horns of the night.

"what can words do"? 
we ask and frowned
we must speak and tell them of our pains
or die in our own silence!

I would likely say that Kukogho I. Samson is ‘a gigolo of the pen’ - a poet who's poems, can cloth the naked wind with tranquillity; a poet whose voice is like thunder quaking beneath the sounds of eventide; a poet whose claws and utterance can silence the society of lootocracists...if their itchy ears would listen to the throb of the drumbeats and loud wailing in the soul of his amazing poetry collection.

'What Can Words Do?' spread out to show its beautiful cover.

‘What Can Words Do?’ is a book with many branches covering social, political, love and religion religious themes. The anthology paints a true picture of a dying nation, where ignorance and deceit has made masses dance on dire straits of economic strangulation, as their hearts are slaughtered in the abattoir of pauperism.
Copies of 'What Can Words Do?'

After reading poet Kukogho I. Samson's collection, one can say that the book paints an image of a nation that has failed in sticking to the promises of a fresh air that has instead turned stinky for her people who sniff and die with their profane complaints.

‘Where Is The Breath Of Fresh Air’, an award winning poem in the anthology, ridiculed the ailments of our crawling society that has smoked the silence of our hearts, filled with many question unanswered.

The first 3 stanzas of the poem read:
A hundred and sixty million noses sniffing the air, 
Searching for the fragrance that is not there, 
They go sniff; father, mother and the brood, 
For they said our Shepherd had Luck, he was Good. 

A breath of fresh air we sought, in the dark we groped, 
Unlit candles in our calloused hands, we hoped 
For the vagrant wind to blow in the fragrance of roses 
And sweep away the stench pinching our mucused noses 

....now our noses are twisted like the aged oak in my village. 
We have twisted them, first with hope and now with rage. 
We smell nothing now for our runny noses are stopped 
By the odor of the farts their buttocks have dropped. 

Author Kukogho I. Samson and a copy of
'What Can Words Do?'
The rhymes and rhythmic flow employed in the anthology shows that the poet is a master of his craft and anyone with the veins of poetry would agree that Samson has done a great job, for bringing to us a poetry anthology, where words flow like oils flows in the Niger-Delta.

Poet Samson's shrewdness towards choosing words made the book worthy of buying and reading. Read this anthology, and see how wisdom is displayed upon the grey hair of words.

What can words do? Words can save or kill the heart with thoughts, both physically and mentally.

I hold the navel of my heart, with my lips starched in awe. I salute the poet, for dividing the cakes in his heart to us.

And to Parresia Publishers for their skill in birthing this amazing book...

Moses C. Opara
Moses Chibueze Opara is a fast rising poet and essayist who writes from Abuja. 
He is an active member of the Words Rhymes & Rhythm family of poets and his poems have been published on many sites.  He is also the coordinator of 100Thousand Poets & Musicians for Change in Suleja, Niger State.
Moses aims to help change the world with his positive writing.
Contact him on: 08094814283


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