You must first mould blocks
Before you build your house
And you can't go fixing locks
On doors of roofless house

One things I've learnt in life is "don't doubt the days of humble beginnings". I can prove the truism in those few words with many examples from my own humble life.

I started my JSS1 in Ambassadors College, Ile-Ife in 137th position and finished my Senior Secondary School in God's Time College, Zaria as arguably the best student (came into the school on the day they started exams), and had the highest JAMB result in the school - 257, in those days of no expo.

Take it to WRRPoetry that started last August with only one member - ME. Then, I had to visit people's walls to beg for poems to be used. Now, we have nearly 4000 members from all around the world and there're always about 30 poems waiting to be featured at every given time.

Yeah, 'tis so!

People say I'm a poet today. Well, if they're right, it did not start today. It started far back (officially) in 2001. A NYSC corper came to our school and convinced me I was born to write poetry after seeing one of my scribbles titled "A rainy day".

I lost the poem but hundreds have replaced it...thousands if my quatrains and triolets qualify to be called poems. All through my university days, I wrote poetry - love, nature and sorrow were my main themes.

I remember one girlfriend broke up with me after a session of reading love poems to her from my book. The heartbreak almost killed me...and my 300 level 1st semester exams were to start the next day.

Ah, olosi e fe ko mi se gbese! O fe baiye mi je ni!

The day she came to collect her pictures from my room, months after the bombshell, she missed her step and hit her head against a cement slab (table in boy's hostel) and fainted.

Na God say mak she no kpeme for my cabal. I fo dey Kirikiri now.

Well, humble beginnings of writing in my notebook, getting rejected in Ahmadu Bello University's Creative Writers Club and posing poems on Mass Communication department's Pen Cub board to #WhatCanWordsDo? (check it out)

The rough looking notebook has become a minty fresh printed book. Euodo!

You would agree that humble beginnings must not be despised. Life has its tricks. 2 + 2 is not always 4. Trust me, I know that maths well.

Don't despise yours...there's a lot you can do with yourself!


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