Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Twist, turn, sweat
Whisper, out of breath
Tsunami follows fleshquake
No for love, just pleasure sake
A week ago I overheard my neighbor's 17 year old brother talking to his friend. They were discussing women.
His aunt was out, as was almost everyone else in the compound which housed about 20 apartments. On a normal day, I would have been in the office, or at least on my way. I think he must have assumed I was out.

Well, I heard this lat telling him of his love dilemma: two 'babes' of his turned out to be friends. The girls had somehow found out he was dating both of them at the same time and there was trouble.

He boasted of not being concerned; "I have already been there..."

Now, what really baffled me was the confidence with which he described the girls, down to their genitalia. His friend had a good laugh as he described them, even areolars, stretchmarks in ungodly places and nipples. Ah!

I was surprised and teleported back 12 years, when I was 17 like him..and my first encounter with a naked body, a woman's naked body to be precise.

I was a final year student, about to write my SSCE (the same time I was dating my first love), when I met this girl... She was the house-help to a distant family member. Her eye don tear finish! She led me through uncharted paths (just touch o!) and nearly cost me my girl.

One night, after a church programme (I was a chorister) that ended too late to go home and too early to sleep, my feet somehow led me to their house. It was about 11pm odd.

The Devil must have manned the temptation post himself that day; the oldest person at home was the girl. Her aunt and the husband had traveled to Bayelsa and the kids were asleep in their rooms.

She welcomed me and we sat together facing the flickering TV screen. I don't know when or how, but we got touching and....

Lo and behold there was a naked woman in front of me

Of course, I was confused...practically being slaughtered and Angel Gabriel or Michael must have known I needed deliverance.

From nowhere, strength entered my legs and I was out of the house in seconds, even Flash would have wondered at my speed. I ran almost 1000 meters before I stopped.

That was the last time I spoke with the girl. I couldn't look her in the face. Sadly, my friends somehow heard and mocked me.

As God would have it, I was uprooted and transplanted in Zaria in less than two months.

I heard she later got pregnant for a former of those that laughed at me...

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