Close your ears and eyes,
Hear your conscience speak
Inside your tainted heart.

Listen, you'll hear her cries.
Doesn't it make you sick?
No! Tender laps, you should not part!

Open your eyes, she is but a child,
Trapped under your hairy chest!
Be a father not just a man!

Raped, beguiled and defiled!
Indentured slave without a breast!
Doomed to womanhood before childhood began!

Erect your conscience not your penis!

How can the Senator, in his folly, stomp on the Nigerian constitution and engineer the murder of a part of our constitution that will liberate our young girls from the shackles of early marriage and misguided parental oppression (slavery!).

Little girls that are yet to reach the age of 18 should not be forced under the guise of religion to become the sex slaves of shameless old men or immature libido confused penises in the name of marriage.

Women, like men, and girls by extension should be allowed to exercise their freedom of choice and association — on marriage too!

Know this, #ChildNotBride!


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