Tuesday, July 2, 2013


When people whine about the Nigerian government being non responsive to the needs of her people and they shout, complain, curse and lay blames (me sef dey do am o!), I really feel sad...

Sad because:
1. They are saying the truth about the irresponsible government.
2. They refuse to do something with the little they have.
Now, some people will think I am saying this because I fall amongst the 'privileged' ones. But I tell you, if you read my story, you'd weep for me. But I chose to do something with what little fate gave me and I have done a few good thing. (Even if you dont say so.)

Please check out VerseUp and WRRPoetry.

But this is not about me, it is about the many young lads and lasses that have chosen to make a difference with the little they can glean from society. 

While others are busy hacking and cloning Facebook accounts to further their dubious desires, stoking ethnic and religious fires, writing pointless posts about how the government is not doing this or that, posting porn pics of themselves...., some are harnessing social media for change.

Consider someone like Ebenezer Wikina; from paid hours, borrowed computer, in a cafe, he created the Write Paragraphs initiative that has got me genuflecting in my mind. Imagine what he could do with a computer of his own! 

The passion, the drive, the consistency of that fellow is awe inspiring. I doff my hat bro!

What should I say of people like Olisakwe Ukamaka Everlyn. Her passion for improving and promoting the image and content of African (Nigerian) literature has impressed me beyond words...engaging minds, provoking discussion and bringing heads to together. This is in addition to being a good mother, a good wife and a good writer, as well as a good employee.

I dare you to check out Writivism and her wall and tell me you're not impressed. God bless you ma'am!

There are several other persons I'd like to mention but Ill just cut the chase and say this: 

There's a lot the youth can do to help themselves, and others too. Finding a point of relevance, tied a to a particular talent which is free in each and every one of us is the key to making any impact.
If tomorrow much be better than today, as writers, readers, professionals, sinners, saints, hackers or whatever, we must take a break and start planning...

Remove the 'DIS' in disAPPOINTMENT and get an appointment to make a difference.

Yes, Nigerian youths are great, can be greater and should be the greatest!

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