Friday, May 24, 2013

RAPE IS UNJUSTIFIABLE: Nigerian Men Are Not Rapists Myne Whitman!

"...a lot of Nigerian men [are RAPISTS], no matter how educated they appear, and how well they write or speak....
"In a COUNTRY where the HIGHEST PUNISHMENT of rape can sometimes be to REWARD THE MAN WITH THE VICTIM, this is the type of men we have walking both the streets and the boardrooms." (emphasis mine)
This is what Myne is telling her foreign feminists about her country and it's both an example of deliberate ignorance and malicious exaggeration. [SEE POST]

I've always respected Myne Whitman but she disappointed me today by blindly exploiting Kenechi Uzochukwu's article on Women and Rape (to promote her blog it seems).

I am not one to openly criticize, but I think its malicious and totally irresponsible to leave the grain of the matter and discuss the chaff. The fact that her article never mentioned decency a single time is appalling. Women look up to Myne and I expect that role model thingy from her...

Kenechi is someone I've know for a long while and I think he approached the topic with the wrong combination of words. That I must agree. He deserved a knock from me and I have told him about it...

No one can ever justify rape...the invasion of physical and internal dignity of a woman, a human is unjustifiable. But we must forget that the soup is not sweet and find out which ingredient is missing.

I do not support RAPE nor even beating a woman and I have never done either of the two, haven learnt to look away and walk away. But  the fact still remains that indecent dressing attracts the wrong folks.

These rapists are SICK in the head, not sane people and they usually get triggered by indecency which seems to have become the in-thing among our women these days. Train your children to be don't have to be a walking show-glass to be beautiful.

We must stamp on rape, abuse, rapists and abusers...but we must also promote decency!

I write this with no apologies to anyone.

Ma'am Myne, I hope you get enough advert clicks for this bland nonsense.

And as for you Mr. Kenechi, learn to speak with your antennae functioning. You were too finger happy on this one.

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