My ears have just been rumor-pricked
And now they itch with naked grief-
Like those of errant babies nicked-
As here I stand in un-belief(?)

The greedy ones with open throat
Have now a dubious pattern drawn;
One piece of crispy fortune note,
Adorned with female faces gone.

Our stomachs groan for bread or meat
And our souls still search for peace
But all they seek each time they meet
Is how to carve a bigger piece!

Some said their ears did gag and choke
(Well mine did twirl like wind twirled boats)
When first they heard the mirthless joke
About Sanusi's fortune notes.

It’s he that said we should not walk
With sacks of Naira in our hand.
Why then would he now make this talk
Of fortune paper in our land?

Oh yes we know how this will end-
When each of us has shut his mouth;
They’ll smile – these fools that now pretend–
And share the fortune notes North–South.

So soon we'll jingle heavy coins
While notes – so far beyond our reach –
They'll clutch, with smiles, to naked loins;
Damned plan conceived to aid the rich.


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