Eni binu mi, bi eni nfi omi ata weju! [He that hates me bathes his face with peppered water!]

Shall your wrath scald me?
I, Son of Ife, that swallowed whole
Sango's lightning stone
And spat out only white spittle.

Emi ni pasan tin yo were ninu omode! [I am the whip that cures the errant child’s madness]

Was it not the rain
Of ceaseless hard knocks,
Falling on Gangan's bald head
That cured his muteness?

Apere ko gbodo binu igi ope. [The basket shall not begrudge the palm from whence it came]

Do not be foolish,
Like the demigod
That let his tail wag him
In the presence of Eledumare.

Emi ni ina tiin jo lori omi! [I am the fire that burns on water]

Do not let my wrath flow
For no one shall
Tell the chameleon to sprint
If the forest is on fire.

Emi lara tiin san pa Erin! [I am the lightning that strikes Elephants to death]

I laugh at he that holds an umbrella
And says, 'I fear not the threads of rain.'
Let him not run
At the stroke of lightning!


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