BEAUTIFUL POISONS (by Edwin Eriata Oribhabor)

We plied a stretch of rivers-
Rivers of Delta lacking livers-
From Tuomo to Ojobo rivers,
Drenched in sickening smell of oil,
Gold that sealed the hopes of many,
Abuse of nature, the economy and culture
of a people richly blessed, to eat at the table -
As Kings and Queens -
But struggle and crumble for crumbs.

This system!
Building paupers and hungry lots -
The myopic favoured is blind,
The big picture is never their lot.
Why live by the streams and wash with spittle?
Why should iced-fish replace fresh fish?
Where are the Canoes and Paddles?
Forgotten the beautiful rivers are poisoned?

I saw them aplenty!
Rivers poisoned by us to keep us back in all;
Young men scamper from different directions -
''Area boys'' that live on anything that comes their way -
Their eyes speak readiness to bring back yesterday
Of arms, bad creeks, ammunitions for dirty actions.
They have lost touch with the fishing tradition;
Don't you know that the colours of their rivers smell?

This is not a makeshift dock yard;
Millions of Naira must have gone with the rivers.
The people dance and celebrate to quench their fires
Caused by misuse and abuse of the fires of nature.
Special funds swam via the creeks to other lands,
Special citizens disembarked from a passport boat,
Royals bedecked with beads that say all.
Suddenly, a mass gathered for an address.
They were fed with diseased words lacking hope,
They ran rings before the smiling eyes of JTF Soldiers,
They must share a 'dash'' from the one that addressed them.

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