Oga Jona, my people dey vex, dem dey hunger.
Listen make you hear because we dey provoke.
If to say we fit, na Amadioha thunder we for invoke-
Because you siddon look as your people dey suffer.

We never forget, we still remeber am like yesterday-
You tell us story, -story of the time you no get shoe-
You say na casava you sef go follow us dey chew,
But e neva tey, chameleon don change wetin im say.

Now you siddon dey chop million inside ya house,
Na here we dey, our mouth still dey chew cassava.
We dey wait make air fresh, you bring anoda palaver-
Ya subsidy don commot our trouser and our blouse.

How we go die for water wen na for river we stand?
We go occupy, na here dem born us, na our fada land.


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