Monday, November 14, 2011


Daddy, I see you now as, breathless, you lie.
Sorry, I have no tears to spare, I cannot cry
For I remember. Daddy, yes, I remember
When tears flowed, January to December.
Now, death doth make you the lesser man
For you move not now and I can

I look at you now, into your frozen eyeballs
Once, they blazed hotter than those of Sol's.
And I remember the days, just like yesterday
When their fires raged like coal in dry hay.
Now they sit there like moistened stones,
Eyes, that took the strength out of my bones.

See your hands. Do they not like logs lie inert?
Their veins run like a dry river bed in the desert.
I remember when they swung with the strength of wine
And did we not fall like the saw humbles the pine?
See, your wife sits there. Her smile is less by a tooth,
Stolen when your hands swung with ageless youth.

Speak daddy, speak those words again
Let your voice rumble like the rickety train.
You speak not but I remember the time well
When your voice rode horses in my bowel.
Wife and seed; your voice did pierce our heart.
But now you lie, a whisper your lips cannot birth.

The woman that stole your soul with flesh laid bare,
Make-up on her tear-less face, she passes by your bier.
So you speak not as they lower you into the hole.
And bitter as I am, I whisper a prayer for your soul
For I am a man now, I have seen and now I know;
When the oar is lost, man goes with the river flow.

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