Thursday, August 11, 2011


Once again, I stand outside the window
I am the haunted deer gazing at his doe
The object of my affection, is there beyond the glass.
Here I stand, alone in this sea of grass
My heart had fled its abode at her behest
The heartbeat is all I have left in my chest
See, the spinning spider thinks me a tree
He lays his trap and now his willing pylon I be.
While, I gaze at her face, candle lit
I speak no word but I tremble on my feet

The cricket chirps a melody to the moon in the sky
As, the umpteenth time, he passes by.
And still I stand. If only you knew
How my heart yearns; Each morn anew
From my thoughts so many.
I weave for myself my destiny
And in the fabric’s design
I see your face so fine.
Yet i cannot spill the words though they rage
To be free of my heart's cage

Do you remember the days of our youth:
When we exchanged loose tooth;
The barter of naked innocence;
The marriage of heartfelt pretense;
And then came the walls of puberty;
And the shackle of hearts at liberty.
But still, the threads of memories,
Bright, the colors of soulful glories
On the loom of our hearts, they weave a legend
Of two hearts: still we look away and pretend

The games that we played
Where all is lost and none is gained
None but our hearts knew:
Our word were lean and few;
Our eyes deny what they see;
Our hearts that battle things that be;
We opt for the costly fruit of silence
When words could be had without a pence
Yet, our ears hear what the lips fear to spill
And yet itch to spit like a bitter pill

I see your affection
In the visage of your action.
And in my dreams, I reach out to you
And you oped your arms to me too
But here I see not the link
And deeper into despair I sink.
For though my heart brewed thee a prose
I cannot pour a glass to bring you close.
But held back by the claws of my fear
Which still crouches there:

Shall we enter the grave with the love we felt?
Tied to our waist like a saddle belt?
Must words be the herald of acts?
Must words oil the wheels that bear our hearts?
In our minds we love in  earnest
While the golden eggs in the nest
Lies hidden in the basket, out of sight.
So mute, we drench our pillows at night
Who will say come and see?

Who will say can I come with thee?

Do you sigh at the silent night
Do you lie awake till the coming of light 
And say, ‘will he love me back’
Like I do on my prodding rack?
I know not, but one thing I know,
Sure as the coldness of snow
One word alone shall break the spell
And the dykes we build so well:
The towering Berlin wall
Of our hearts will one day fall.

They sages say spoken words
Herald the clash of swords.
And the parley of hearts we reach
Are signed with the ink of speech.
But how can I say the words
That’ll tie for me the cords…?
Morning comes quickly, I go again
Away I go; another night spent in vain;
Tomorrow, i come not. Maybe in the next life
I’ll be able to say the words to make thee wife

When you love someone, say it before another person steals their heart...There is no loving in the grave!!!!




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