Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"THE DEVIL'S PAWN" -Poem excerpts 2

I. What Seek Ye?
What seek you in the devil’s lair?
For they return not that come here!
They breathe not again, my dear;
Those that sniffed its foul smelling air
II. Evil Shadows
In the shadows of the silent night
In the cawing of the crow in flight
Hear the knell and cower in dread
For you bear death’s rune on your head

III. Taste The Blood
Taste it, taste the blood
Red as a scarlet bud
Eat it, eat the flesh
Is it not warm and fresh?

IV. Redeem The Devil's Gift
You owe me a gift,” the Devils says
“I’ll wait not till the end of days
This day you’ll pay my price
Or the pound of flesh I’ll slice”

V. One More
Just one more is all that remains
Just one more and you’ll be free from the pain
Time ticks on; tick tock, it waits not
Just one more and your freedom will be bought

VI. The Devil's Spice
I have tasted death’s bitter spice
I have paid, in gold, the bargained price
I fear not; my soul is at ease
For I fly on the wings of the breeze;

VII. The Final Stone
Pause not to take a breath
For the task is not complete
It remains still; the flame that burned
Until the final stone is turned

VIII. Debt Unpaid
Seek you an end, seek ye a death?
Why pay ye not the devil’s debt?
His eyes glint, his claws glow;
Get ready for the vengeful blow


  1. scary!
    you did a good work giving life to this death tale.
    So how does he pay the debt?




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