Wednesday, August 17, 2011

NIGERIA... how far we have gone!

The land that flowed with milk and honey;
Our forests were greeny; our sun sunny;
Our belles were pretty; our lads strong;
Sweet were the words in our song;
And like the iroko, tall was our humble pride.
Fair wisdom was our teaching guide.
We walked; peace in hand, war in pouch;
The gourd our plate, the mat our couch;
And to their words-were our men bound
Till the six feet sojourn below the ground.

Then like plagues came the pale skin gods.
They came like hungry locust hordes
And did we not in reverence bow?
Yes did we not bow?
Some wail O Ancestors how
Why did you have to bow
But i say, can poisoned arrows
Stop-the fire that flows
From their sticks, spitter of lead.
And how did many bleed!

So they came and butchered our ancient calm.
They tainted our healing balm.
They came, visitor with their stool,
Many a foolish sage to fool,
Many a free man to slave
And bury in a strange grave.
They came, black book in one hand
While other rapes the land.
With veils of strong wine
Covered they the eyes of greedy swine.

The curious wind blew
And the foul's yansh it shew.
Did we not herd out the pale skin
With the strength of blood and kin?
How? We brewed them a beer
Of black power and fear
And passions that wears no mask.
We caught them as in ease they bask.
Our lips defeated the spitting guns
That we couldn't with arrows in tons.

Hitlers and heroes;
Wicked friends and friendly foes?
Voices fettered to the grill-of silence;
Arms of strength cut off in pretense;
Justice hanged on the noose;
Equity crying to be let loose;
As our Jacobs and Esaus
Clashed the swords of force.
The cup of hate we did drink
And drunk, we poured love down the sink.

50 cycles have come and gone;
50 seasons under the sun.
Suns have risen and set;
Life and taunting death;
Strifing peace and gentle war;
We've seen them sure.
We picked the bones; brothers;
It pleased our beak-nosed other
For they sowed the seeds of hate
That once again they might posses our gate.

Here we are now our notches fifty
Still- held in the howl of unity.
So we gathered to sing the song
We've composed for so long
Taught with coups and wars,
The blood of heroes, bled sores,
Rag-clad hopes and limping dreams,
Strutting pride, vaunting whims.
So we came to sing; calendar two scores and ten
And we came with billions ten.

They came too, grumbling with desire
Bearing thunder and fire
Like them pale skin of yore times
And put enjambment in our rhymes.
Our conductor was Good, he had Luck
With him a tune we struck
While we sang; de ja vous of sorrow
Their screaming crackers they did throw.
And again fire and thunder
Sought to put us asunder.

Voices, that ere then sang, died
Eyes closed never to be pried.
But like before we chased them out.
Are we not now one in and out?
The future glows like gold
Though locked in the devil's hold.
We fear no evil, again we'll overcome
For still with one accord we come.
Our will has pincers and claws
So tomorrow shall be their loss.

We fear not, we've come out of the womb
Ready for the coldness of the tomb.
All vultures from the past
We'll vanquish fast.
Our fingers shall fight for our mouths
And ours shall be the victory shouts.
Nigeria shall be great again
And flourish like Ugwu in the rain.
We have sown, lets gather the grain
For our pain has become gain.

Together, we can lift Nigeria out of the bog unto solid rock...


  1. these are my humble thoughts on the nigerian situation, what do you think

  2. To me, nothing was achieved, only drawbacks from the little that we have.




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